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This template is used on the page Meta:Protected against recreation. It transcludes a nonexistent page that is to be protected from creation through the use of cascading protection. If the page exists, it must be deleted for the cascading protection to take effect; there is a "delete" link provided next to the article name in this case.



Parameters used by this template:

  • pg (or first unnamed parameter) — Name of page to protect from creation. Do not include the namespace; use the ns parameter to specify that.
  • reason (or second unnamed parameter) — Reason why page is protected (optional).
  • ns — Namespace of page. Must be given if the page is not in article space.
  • talk — Whether a link to the talk page should be given. The link will be provided unless talk=no is specified. Suppressing the link is useful if there is no realistic possibility that constructive discussion will occur (e.g. nonsense page titles) or if the talk page also is protected against creation.
  • commons — When protecting against the creation of a local page under the title of an image that exists on the Commons, commons=yes must be appended for the image name/link to appear. Please note that the cascading protection does not extend to the Commons image.


{{protected title|Red link}}
Red link · activity log · talk page
The above prevents red link from being created.

{{protected title|Like this one|talk=no}}
Like this one · activity log
The above prevents Like this one from being created. The link to the talk page is not displayed.

{{protected title|Starting a new page/wiki/Talk:Main Page/|Spambot target|ns=Help talk}}
Help talk:Starting a new page/wiki/Talk:Main Page/ · activity log — Spambot target
The above prevents Help talk:Starting a new page/wiki/Talk:Main Page/ from being created. As this is a talk page, a separate talk page link is automatically omitted.

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