The Kitchen Sink

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This is a place for news and announcements of all kinds, for redistribution to the available channels. This is an experimental page; use at your own risk.

  • /Channels - a discussion of available channels for distributing information, their audiences, and the uses for and etiquette used on each one.
  • /Sources - a discussion of common sources for new information, and the frequency and urgency of news from them.

Recent News[edit]

blog-style, newest first

Oct 1 - Communication : The Kitchen Sink experimentally set up

Sep 2x - New Chapters : Italian, Belgian, and Indian groups all express interest in forming chapters. Indian IRC meeting held in #in.wikipedia

Sep 20 - PR-1mil : distribute, record efforts in logbook

Sep 14 - PR-1mil : delay release until Sept 20.

announced : foundation-l
other : wp-l, wpxx-l, en:VP, m:trans-reqs, m:Goings-on, en:Goings-on, en:RC

Sep 10-15 - PR-1mil : translate, edit, and prepare to distribute.

announced : foundation-l, wp-l, m:trans-reqs
other : en:VP, en:{open-task}

Sep 1 - 1 million article press release [PR-1mil] : edit and discuss.

announced : foundation-l, m:Goings-on?
other useful sinks : en:VP, en:CP, wikien-l, wp-l, en:Goings-on, en:RC?