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Why I love English Wikinews

by Hawkeye7

For me, Wikinews has been a journey and an adventure. It has taken me to places I never imagined that I would go, and I have done things that I never even thought of doing before. I had hardly heard of Wikinews when I first became involved with it. I knew next to nothing about how it works. Had no idea what the style was or how to submit an article for review. Some would say I'm still learning, and they would not be wrong. I'll never be a professional journalist. My natural writing style is too dull and dry, too unengaging and unemotional, too lacking in objectivity and neutrality. Someone said it was like the History Channel in writing.

When I travelled to London to report on the Paralympic Games, it was Wikinews, not Wikipedia, that sent me there. This was the greatest thrill and excitement. And it continues. Last weekend I watched games, spoke to players and officials. There is an important story here, one rich in the human spirit. I only hope that my ungainly writing style will somehow rise to the challenge and do it the justice it deserves.

People want news. People need news. Put most people on a remote island and it won't be too long before they start wondering what is happening elsewhere, just a little bit. They say we live in an information age, but news is an increasingly scarce commodity. The same technology is wiping out the traditional news forms. Wikinews may not be the solution, but it is an important response. I hope it will come to be seen as evidence of how enterprising and innovative we truly are.