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مجموعة ويكينيوزي/نشرة أخبار

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This page is a translated version of the page The Wikinewsie Group/Newsletter and the translation is 50% complete.

نشرة أخبار مجموعة ويكينيوزي

مشاركة الأخبار المتعلقة بأنشطة المجموعة
والأمور التي تحدث في مشاريع ويكي أخبار المحلية.

مصادر أساسية

The Wikinewsie Group Newsletter is a semi-regular publication by members of The Wikinewsie Group to share 1) news and activities related to The Wikinewsie Group, 2) a summary of original reporting being done across all Wikinews projects, 3) a summary of most popular articles locally across all Wikinews projects.

It will be manually delivered user talk pages, linked on Wikinews Water Coolers, shared on the mailing list, and linked to on Facebook and Twitter. Delivery to user talk pages and Water Coolers will be done manually since global message delivery does not deliver to all Wikinews projects.

Any assistance translating would be appreciated.



Please list/interwiki link your name below with the user name where you wish to have the newsletter targeted for delivery.

  1. Pi zero
  2. Chrisc97
  3. Hahc21
  4. RockerballAustralia
  5. Svavar Kjarrval
  6. Hawkeye7
  7. Aschmidt
  8. Ralgis
  9. Mattho69
  10. Bertrand GRONDIN
  11. PetrohsW
  12. Crtew
  13. Hym411
  14. Qydera