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The Wikipedia Library/1Lib1Ref/Lessons/January 2021

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#1Lib1Ref Year 6

January 2021 Report


The #1lib1ref January campaign in 2021 continued in our strategy of investing regionally. The January campaign for about two years had not really seen major experimentation as that was the more developed and known round of the campaign. However, following our success with our strategic focus and investment into regional institutions and groups to scale the May campaign in 2020, it made sense to apply some of these strategies to the January campaign.

We targeted newer communities or communities that had never participated in the campaign, and the Central Eastern Europe (CEE) region came top of our list. The CEE region was quite strategic because it covered not less than 12 countries with more than 12 indigenous languages spoken. Also an opportunity to teach the importance of citation to their local languages and how to improve the quality of content on their local language Wikipedias. We had about 7 countries (more than 50% of total countries in the region) join the campaign and their participation contributed to about 60% of the total number of citations from the January 2020 round. The overall campaign however also saw a significant increase in contributions over the previous year (104% YoY), with both leading contributors and language being from Serbia (a member of the CEE region).


The final hashtags tally was 36,960 edits in nearly 31 languages, including first-place Serbian Wikipedia with 17,184 edits. There were over 700 edits across 16 projects in the opening hours of the campaign.

  • 2 million words were added as recorded on the dashboard
  • 549 editors participated
  • 607 articles were created and 9650 total were edited
  • 15 wikis saw more than 10 edits, 9 more than 100, and 6 more than 1000