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Are you coming to Wikimania 2016? Bring books with you to share!

There will be a corner where you can swap your books with books other participants will bring; or leave your books for Esino's community (please read details on Wikimania's wiki).

Swapping books is not just a fun activity: those could be a source of good references for content on our sites, or just items you'd like to donate/bring back home because they're cool anyway—maybe they feature gorgeous pictures, or a language/script many people may have never seen before, etc. Any language is welcome—books in English or in Italian are more likely to be reused by several attendees, though!

Have you found a book released in Esino Lario? Yay! Add a note to the table below.
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The books' corner in Esino Lario is supported by The Wikipedia Library, which helps editors access reliable sources to improve Wikipedia, and also helps knowledge professionals share their collections with the public.
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How it works[edit]

  1. Bring your book(s) to Esino Lario;
  2. Label them, specifying if they are meant to be freely taken by others, or if you want them to be donated to the Esino's community;
  3. Leave them at the swapping corner at the Community Village, and/or
  4. Pick other books to create Wikipedia articles and to share with your circles once you go back home.
  5. Add your book to the table below just so that we can track how many of them were shared.

Other tips[edit]

  • If you don't feel like giving away a book of yours, how about just buying a new one to donate? :)
  • You can pick a book even if you haven't brought one;
  • Please do not pick books which are only meant to be donated to the local community! Those will be labelled accordingly;
  • Help yourself at the table even when it's not attended!
  • You are also welcome to use your favorite book-swapping sites to track your books (example), but that's not mandatory. The "BCID" code some books have comes from that site.

Add to the "table"![edit]

# Book title I brought this book to Wikimania! Brought to share? Y/N Brought for "Wikimania Archive"? Y/N Notes (at Wikimania) I got this book in Esino! I'll use this for... and will release it... (where/when) (after Wikimania) I found this book! (where) I'll use this for... and will release it... (where/when)
1 Invisible Cities Quiddity Y N
2 Mr. Palomar Quiddity Y N
3 The Medium is the Massage Quiddity Y N
4 Roma imperiale. Una metropoli antica MLWatts Y N BCID: 259-14073332
5 The forbidden city Liang (WMTW) N Y
6 Beijing, China Liang (WMTW) N Y
7 Dans la cité pourpre interdite Liang (WMTW) Y N
8 Mordillo commics Liang (WMTW) Y N
9 Kim hun tshue Liang (WMTW) Y N
10 The Big Issue Taiwan (Feb 1 2016) Liang (WMTW) Y N
11 Invisible Cities (Traditional Chinese translation) Liang (WMTW) N Y
12 Luoghi Comuni - piccole storie migranti /1  Elitre Y N multiple languages

BCID: 618-14072976

13 Nel Regno degli Animali (2vv) Elitre Y N IT

BCID: 532-14072974

BCID: 189-14072972

14 guida turistica d'italia  Elitre Y N IT

BCID: 103-14072971

15 Fuoricasello - dall'auto alla tavola Elitre Y N IT

BCID: 973-14072968

16 I Quaderni del Cardello  Elitre Y N IT

BCID: 783-14072923

17 Tu passerai... Elitre Y N IT

BCID: 393-14064402

18 Lampi  Baruneju, via Elitre Y N IT

BCID: 526-14072963

19 Il sogno dell'unità dell'universo  Baruneju, via Elitre Y N IT

BCID: 747-14072959

20 Timeline  Baruneju, via Elitre Y N IT

BCID: 089-14072957

21 Infinito - Viaggio ai limiti dell'universo  Baruneju, via Elitre Y N IT

BCID: 418-14072954

22 Y2K  Baruneju, via Elitre Y N IT

BCID: 982-14072938

23 Le menzogne di Ulisse. L'avventura della logica da Parmenide ad Amartya Sen  Baruneju, via Elitre Y N IT

BCID: 305-14072937

24 Dizionario di Informatica  Baruneju, via Elitre Y N IT

BCID: 394-14072935

25 Batman and Philosophy Baruneju, via Elitre Y N EN

BCID: 937-14072928

26 The Future Chronicles. Internet (1964-2096) QuimGil Y ISBN 978-3-00-050954-4
27 Voyage to Venus QuimGil Y ISBN 0-330-02171-0
28 Paths toward utopia QuimGil Y ISBN 978-1-60486-502-8
29 Cicle de Salut de les Dones Quim Gil Y
30 Tipasa guide Bachounda Y FR
31 Book about Arabic poetry Bachounda Y AR
32 Les associations sportives d'Algerie 1867-1952 Bachounda Y FR
33 Dictionnaire des localités algériennes Bachounda Y FR
34 Il segreto di Ortelia La Montanina Y IT

BCID: 232-14074817

35 Roman Art 5th edition Alex Stinson Y EN
36 The Complete World of the Dead Sea Scrolls Alex Stinson Y EN
37 mare nostrum Walaa Y ES
38 The Image of Arab-Islamic culture in European textbooks: Spain as a case study Walaa Y EN
39 La lìrica sagrada en los trovadores Walaa Y ES
40 ??? Walaa Y AR?
41 Borges in Egypt Walaa Y multilingual
42 A monster calls Josve05a Y EN
43 New moon morning Raul Y EN/ET
44 Indological Essays Shyamal Y EN
45 PassPort to Eternity  ??? Y EN


46 Geschichte Preussens Lord Bumburg Y DE
47 La symphonie pastorale Patrick K. Y FR
48 How societies remember Patrick K. Y EN
49 Das Furka-Loch Patrick K. Y DE
50 "The fault in our stars" Deror Avi Y HE
51 "Strong and weak" Deror Avi Y HE
52 "The midwife of Venice" Deror Avi Y HE
53 "The Queen and I" Deror Avi Y HE
54 "Jamrach's menagerie" Deror Avi Y HE
55 La profezia di Celestino Bella Trovata Y IT
56 Die Dunkle Seite Elya Y

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Here you will be able to download our customized label that you can glue to your books. (We should be able to provide some labels in Esino as well if you can't print them on your own.) Or, make your own label! Please just remember to add a QR code and/or a link to this page ( so that we can keep tracking these books. Thanks!


Table by the Community Village, next to the snacks and drinks tables. There may be presentations going on in the same room, please bear that in mind! There were only 8 books left on the table on Sunday 26 at 5 pm. Please also note that some books may have been swapped without proper labeling or tracking on this page.

Help out[edit]

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