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The Wikipedia Library/Newsletter/November-December 2019

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The Wikipedia Library
Books & Bytes
Issue 37, November–December 2019

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In this issue we highlight the #1Lib1Ref, global developments and, as always, a roundup of news and community items related to libraries and digital knowledge.


The January 2020 #1Lib1Ref campaign is in full swing! The campaign, which runs from January 15th to February 5th, is a time that we work together around the world to make Wikipedia more reliable. You can participate in #1Lib1Ref by simply adding a citation to Wikipedia's content! All we ask and imagine: a world in which every librarian (or archivist, reference professional, and scholar) adds one more reference to Wikipedia. Visit the campaign page to learn more about the campaign and find resources for organizing and sharing the campaign.

Wikimedia and Libraries User Group[edit]

The user group, thanks to the efforts of the steering committee, has put together a comprehensive list of resources on topics ranging from general Wikipedia training to library and information science skills for the benefit of the user group members. Members are invited to make use of the resources and add relevant information that might be missing.

The steering committee is in the preliminary process of acquiring either a Project Grant or a Simple Annual Project Grant (SAPG) to help fund small-scale library-related events and projects which don't meet the requirements to be funded via the Rapid Grants program (eg. funding required is less than $500). The committee is yet to formulate a plan detailing the process for distribution of funds and appoint a treasurer.

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