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The Wikipedia Library/Star Coordinator Program

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Recognizing great work from TWL coordinators
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The Wikipedia Library (TWL) Star Coordinator Program is a quarterly award presented by the TWL Team, to recognize and appreciate coordinators of The Wikipedia Library for their amazing work in their communities. The award will give coordinators a chance to highlight their major achievements, share their success and experience to share insight with other coordinators across the world.

Winner April – June 2018: Dr. Shweta Yadav[edit]

Prize and Certificate distribution ceremony at Wiki Awareness Campaign Karnal

Shypoetess, India

TWL NOTES: Led the creation of the Hindi Wikipedia Library Branch, first ever Wikipedia Library Branch in India.

"In 2007 while still in school our teacher asked us not to prepare assignments from Wikipedia as it was unreliable”. This was the beginning of her curiosity towards Wikipedia and to understanding how it really worked. Shweta further expressed that even 10 years after such instructions, she become a culprit of the same criticisms as she found herself offering the same advice to her students. In an attempt to do what was right and to clear her conscience in teaching her students the right way to use an encyclopedia, she first participated in a 100 Wikidays challenge. She was introduced to the campaign by a colleague who got her editing. Through these efforts she discovered her curiosity was justified as the instructions given to her may have been inaccurate.
Shweta gradually started outreach activities in Karnal to increase awareness amongst students and academicians about her discovery, and her plight to completely detach the “unreliable tag” to Wikipedia landed her at The Wikipedia Library Program (TWL). She volunteered to become the coordinator for the Hindi Branch. “As a researcher I knew how knowledgeable a well-referenced article could be and that the availability of resources will attract good editors and increase quality of content." Her thoughts on how crucial well-referenced articles are to Wikipedia led her to the creation of the first branch in India, the Hindi TWL Branch.