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Yàrá ìkówèésí Wikipedia

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Yàrá ìkówèésí Wikipedia

"' Yàrá ìkówèésí Wikipedia"' n ran awon olóòtú lowo lati ni ìráyè sí ìsọfúnni tó ṣeé gbọ́kàn lé fun siṣàtúnṣe Wikipedia

The Wikimedia Foundation team responsible for running the library has formed partnerships with dozens of publishers of paywalled materials, and makes those resources accessible to Wikimedia contributors who meet the eligibility criteria.

ohun tá a ń ṣe

Database access: Arrange donations of free access to paywalled resources which editors can sign up for.

Kí lo lè ṣe tó fi máa lọ́wọ́ sí

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