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The word of the day[edit]

Why create a word of the day mailing-list[edit]

We need in some way to promote wiktionary - so the easiest way is through mailings ... and another easy way is: to send the word of the day to a list of people interested in receiving the word of the day inserting obviously the link to the word.

The list can be used for further announcements in the footer, of course.

Available languages[edit]


To subscribe to the Italian word of the day, please send a clean message to: or visit

Per iscriverti per la ricezione della parola del giorno in italiano, invia un messaggio vuoto a:


The English Wiktionary has a word of the day feature - Wiktionary:Wiktionary:Word of the day.

Any language[edit]

OmegaWiki has it's word of the day on it's main page .. every day one DefinedMeaning is chosen to get extra attention. Often it is a word that had some relevance on the previous day.


I invited 50 people to the Italian Word of the day - now we are 19 members in the group. This result was achieved in only 2 days and I feel it is indeed a quite interesting result. This means that this concept can work for any language - and there can be similar projects to the Word of the day that work as well. To my opinion this opens the door to many possibilities. --Sabine 21:21, 6 Mar 2005 (UTC)