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Report on activities in the Toolhub project for the week ending 2021-04-16.

Diff improvements[edit]

Last week we merged the frontend code to display diffs between toolinfo record revisions. Having the visual display for the diff functionality made it obvious that several things were causing us to see "dirty" changes between revisions that were caused by our tooling rather than the author's intended data changes. We think this has been solved with a series of small changes:

We also made a few changes to improve the visual display of the diff and simplify the ui code:

  • gerrit:678680 ui: rename i18n message "sourcerepository" to "repository"
  • phab:T279740 [enhancement] Diff should omit headers on sequential changes to the same collection field
  • gerrit:679419 ui: code cleanups in CrawlerHistory.vue

Language code validation added to backend[edit]

Tracked in Phabricator:
task T278403 resolved

We have added new validation and data cleaning to the backend for the language codes that are used by many toolinfo fields to indicate the natural language that is in use. We ended up doing this by making a python client for consuming the language-data library that we have been using with the frontend layer for several months.

Code cleanups & annoyance fixes[edit]

Wrap up[edit]

Lots and lots of code cleanup and annoyance fixing fun happened this week! Now it is time to get back to building more core features from our roadmap. Bryan expects to be working on backend enhancements related to our content moderation goals in the coming week. Srishti will keep working on improving test coverage and small bug fixes in the frontend until there is new backend functionality to expose.