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The following is the source of the information displayed at the Toolserver Table of Contents. Please be bold and update others' entries.

Note: The information displayed is no longer accurate as Interiot's account (which hosted this source) is no longer active. This list should not be used as a reference point as it has not been updated in years.

As nobody ever seems to take the above seriously (for lack of something clearly superior elsewhere?, or please provide a pointer to it), I've attempted a full-length check for validity and markdown on the following.
It's a shame about all the previously useful stuff here on Toolserver/TStoc. Somebody do something about that?
Tools by author
Tools by tags


Inactive user

Find all pages or pages from certain namespace that exceed certain length in certain category or subcategory
stubs pages length categories (major update on Oct 08, 2007)
Database connection status
Tool for checking database connection status
database (since Mar 15, 2007)
Database info
Display real-time structure of database tables and list of available Wikimedia project databases
database (since Mar 18, 2007)
In category since
Fetch certain namespace pages that been in certain category since defined time
categories (major update on Sep 30, 2007)
Language-Project dropdown
Output two dropdowns: one for language and one for project. If database connection fails, script try to quess and change language dropdown as text field
form component language project (since Mar 18, 2007)
Last update
Sort pages based on last update date
categories templates (since Jan 08, 2008)
List of lists
Creates a list of pages from certain Wikimedia project with a certain prefix
lists (since Mar 31, 2007)
Local namespace name
Return local namespace ?ns=<number>&db=dbname_p
component namespace (since Jan 08, 2008)
Orphan talk pages
Find orphan talk pages from certain Wikimedia project and from certain namespace. Tool also can check whether apparent orphan image talk page have existing image in Commons.
orphan talk (major update on Sep 8, 2007)
Uncategorized templates
Find uncategorized (or redirecting) templates
templates categories (since Mar 13, 2007)


User name search
allows for searching users whose name matching a pattern, for example to find vandalism accounts or accounts with offensive names
contributors enumerate (since Sep 1, 2006)


Wiktionary translation tool
Converts and adapts wiki-code of translations to the lay-out of other wiktionary's with minimal effort
wiktionary translation (major update on April 28, 2007)


Page not found error

MediaWiki CVS statistics
{{{tags}}} (since Jan 1, 2006)


Protection ratio
Shows the number of (semi-)protected articles and the protection ratio including some more stats.
protection semi-protection philosophy (since Jun 30, 2006)


Wikipedia IRC help channel (Pjirc)
Clientside java IRC-client hardwired to #wikipedia, #wikipedia-en and #wikipedia-bootcamp, with the latter as default. Requires no installation.
IRC wikipedia-bootcamp support help (since March 2006)

Checks a given article to find dead external links. Works for all wikiprojects and all languages.
links deadlinks (since July 20, 2008)


Account inactive

Count the numbers of links and red links from a page, tell to which namespaces they point, list links to redirect and disambiguation pages
links disambiguation redirects (major update on May 23, 2007)

List all members of a category and possibly it's subcategories to any depth. Optionally limit to pages where a specific template is or is not used on either the page itself or its corresponding talk page.
categories subcategories templates (major update on April 16, 2009)

List image links where the image is not found neither locally nor at Commons.
images commons links (since August 10, 2007)


calculates a rangeblock from a set of IPs.
IP block dialin vandal admin (since May 18, 2007)


Account inactive

Very primitive spellchecker
On Wiktionary, use wikt:WT:PREFS to turn on spellcheck. On Wikipedia, edit w:Special:Mypage/monobook.js and add {{subst:Spellchecker}}
spellcheck wiktionary (since Fall, 2006)
Wiktionary Word of the Day RSS Feed
On Wiktionary, provide an RSS feed for the WOTD
rss feed WOTD wiktionary (since January, 2007)


Main tools page:

Wiktionary rhymes finder
Search rhymes and pronunciations in the French Wiktionary.
wiktionary pronunciation rhyme (major update on May 6, 2009)

Wiktionary spelling finder
Search spellings in the French Wiktionary.
wiktionary word (since March 2009)

Wiktionary anagrams finder
Search anagrams in the French Wiktionary in any language.
wiktionary word (since March 2009)

Wiktionary random word
Give a random word from the French Wiktionary in a specified language (French by default). Usage is described here:
wiktionary random redirection (major update on May 2009)

da Pete[edit]

Wikinews RSS feed
RSS feed for the German Wikinews edition
rss wikinews (major update on Sep 10, 2006)
Image map editor
Javascript based editor for definitons for the ImageMap MediaWiki extension
images (major update on Jan 21, 2007)
Graphical representation of category structures using Graphviz
categories images (since Feb 21, 2007)
Random 'Exzellenter Artikel'
Go to a random 'Exzellenter Artikel' (excellent article) on de.WP
random (since Dec 16, 2006)
Random 'Lesenswerter Artikel'
Go to a random 'Lesenswerter Artikel' (good article) on de.WP
random (since Dec 16, 2006)
Random 'Utmerkede artikler'
Go to a random 'Utmerkede artikler' (featured article) on no.WP
random (since Mar 17, 2007)
Random 'Anbefalte artikler'
Go to a random 'Anbefalte artikler' (good article) on no.WP
random (since Mar 17, 2007)
Access statics
Access statistics for some of my tools
statistics toolserver (major update on Dec 16, 2006)


HTML-to-wiki converter
Converts HTML into MediaWiki markup, or markup from the wiki engine of your choice.
html wiki converter html2wiki wikiconverter (since March 14, 2009)

Template filler
Fill Wikipedia templates with your eyes closed. It seems not working
html wiki converter html2wiki wikiconverter (since March 14, 2009)


Crawls through or checks on the fly pages on Wikipedia for dead external links, lists them in a report where from the report they can be quickly and easily fixed with a few clicks.
links helper demonized editing articles wikitext (major update on 15 June 2008)

Web Pywikipedia
Rewrite of pywikipedia for the web. Allows users to run some of python scripts from the python bot collection and lets them save the edits as their own.
pywikipedia framework editing (major update on 15 June 2008)

Calculates the number of years of US education required for articles to be understood by the average reader. In addition, it will calculate other statistics like word count and text sizes.
statistics articles (major update on 15 June 2008)

Adds titles to <ref>s from the linked HTML or PDF documents
cite articles links editing wikitext (major update on 15 June 2008)


Bot which extracts GPS-EXIF data from newly uploaded images and inserts Location templates
bot commons images geo (major update on Feb 24, 2009)

Bot which takes care of a part of the promotion or decline, archival, tagging, and user notification of Commons Quality images candidates
bot commons images voting (major update on Jan 18, 2009)

Bot which takes care of a part of the promotion or decline, archival, tagging, and user notification of Commons Valued images candidates
bot commons images voting (major update on Jan 18, 2009)

Generate intersections (of unions) of Categories and articles conating a given set of links, according to en:Wikipedia:Link intersection and en:Wikipedia:Category intersection.
categories links search article-suggestion (major update on Jul 8, 2008)

Interactive World Map with Wikilinks or image thumbnails, embedable as a Wikipedia-plugin (enabled by default on en, pt, and it)
geo (major update on Jan 26, 2009)


Category Tree
Lists subcategories and pages, showing the category structure as a dynamic tree
categories (since Jan 9, 2006)

search categories with subcategories recursively, for intesection with other categories, templates, stubs, recent changes, etc.
categories images recentchanges (since Jan 9, 2006)

try to guess into which category on Wikimedia Commons an image belongs
commons images similarity (since Jan 9, 2006)

find out where an image from the Commons is used on Mediawiki projects
commons images (since Jan 9, 2006)

list orphan images, optionally filtered or grouped by user
images orphan (since Jan 9, 2006)

list untagged images, optionally filtered or grouped by user
images copyright needshelp (since Jan 9, 2006)

shows the version history of a page, with options for sorting, filtering, grouping
contributors (since Jan 19, 2006)

list local images that "shadow" an image on the commons
commons images (since Jan 9, 2006)

Image gallery, optionally filtered or grouped by user. Shows usage and tagging status. Also supplies an RSS feed of recent uploads
images rss (since Jan 9, 2006)

Source repository browser. Use it to look at the source code of my tools.
{{{tags}}} (since {{{released}}})

Collects critical events regarding images on Commons and posts them to the wikis using the respective image
commons (since May 11, 2006)

Toolserver Webalizer Statistics
toolserver (since {{{released}}})

Search for images and other media files in a category, including subcategories. Allows filters for license requirements, file size, resolution, file type, etc.
images (since {{{released}}})


User Rights
Lists all user rights for every wiki for a given username.
rights (since)

Recent Logs
Lists 10 most recent log actions for every wiki for a given username.
logs (since)

Available Rights
Lists all the available user rights per project except the default, global ones.
rights (since)

Last Revision
Displays times of last revisions for all wikis.
revisions (since)

Rights Changes
Lists all the users on meta by the number of user rights changes they have performed.
rights (since)

Rights Log Search
Searches all user rights changes on meta for a given username.
rights logs search (since)

Rights Statistics
Displays the number of users per project per user right.
rights statistics (since)


Display a category tree and count the number of articles in the tree.
categories (since July 2, 2007)

Helper script to generate the code for Erwin85Bot's CatCount at w:en:User:Erwin85/CatCount.
categories bot (since November 6, 2007)

Count the number of articles in a category.
categories (major update on November 28, 2007)

Show the contributions for multiple users
contributors vandalism sockpuppetry edits (since July 5, 2007)

random article
Redirect to a random page in a category tree
random categories (major update on November 28, 2007)

short pages
List pages with a length less than 50 bytes.
stubs (since September 1, 2007)

related changes
Show changes related to a category and it's subcategories.
categories recentchanges (major update on November 28, 2007)

talk page cat intersect
Show pages in one category where it's talk page is in another category.
categories (since February 29, 2008)

Get a list of subpages of a given page title. Can be used to add an entire book to your raw watchlist.
pages (since May 20, 2008)

Checks if the automated cross wiki spam bot reports are clean.
spam links (since June 26, 2008)

List the number of sysops etc. for each project.
project (since March 29, 2009)

Block finder
Finds (range) blocks for a given IP address.
block range (since April 26, 2009)


Account inactive

A semiautomatic disambiguation tool
disambiguation (since {{{released}}})

A sysop tool treat quickly short pages
admin (since {{{released}}})

Un outil pour gérer automatiquement le suivi des sous-pages du bistro et de l'oracle sur
watchlists (since {{{released}}})

Off-line article saver
saver (since {{{released}}})

List of Authors
To obtain an easy-to-copy list of authors
contributors (since {{{released}}})

To cross many categories using boolean logic
categories (since {{{released}}})

List of Creation
To obtain your article creation list
contributors (since {{{released}}})

List of conflict
List of current edit war
vandalism admin (since {{{released}}})

Automatic translation of links
translation (since {{{released}}})


Account inactive

Return 0 if the name of an image is accepted by commons
commons (major update on Jan 6, 2009)


checks for missing interwiki links
interwiki needshelp (major update on Apr 6, 2006)

Multilingual Frame Editor
view two different articles from same/different languages in a split-frame-view
interwiki (since Jan 24, 2006)

Neue Artikel im Portal Medizin RSS-Feed
RSS-Feed for new articels in ther german medical-portal
rss feed (since Jan 01, 2007)


Page not found error

Neue Seiten nach Kategorie
Lists all new pages of a specific category and its subcategories
categories (since April 29, 2006)

"The requested URL /~fschulenburg/neueartikel.php was not found on this server."


Account inactive

Chemical Formula Formatter
Returns formatted chemical formulas, ready for Cut&Paste into an article.
(since August 14, 2007)


Account inactive

Browser based player for Ogg/Vorbis files
{{{tags}}} (since August 26, 2006)


ISBN Check And Format
A tool for the Special:Booksources pages to check and format ISBNs. This alternative should replace similar but (nearly-)commercial services that are listed on the spam blacklist. Available in English, French, German, Finnish, Low German, Kurdish, Scottish-Gaelic, Icelandic and Chinese.
helper aider ISBN format (major update on March 25, 2008)

ISBN Text Format
This tools formats ISBNs within continuous text. Additionally, reference tags get names and ISSNs are conveyed to the usage of the ISSN template. Available in German only.
helper aider ISBN format (major update on November 13, 2007)

ISSN Check
A useful tool to check and correct ISSNs. Available in English, French, German, Finnish, Low German, Kurdish, Scottish-Gaelic, Icelandic and Chinese.
helper aider ISSN format (major update on March 25, 2007)

These tools are programmed by Gradzeichen. Errors in the program should be posted on the talk page for the ISBN tool respectively for the ISSN tool. For issues about publishing the tool on the toolserver, I'm to be held responsible with my toolserver account. --CyRoXX 19:22, 23 May 2007 (UTC)[reply]


Usage statistics
Various statistics for the French Wikipedia
statistics (since November 16, 2006)

Top contributors and articles
Top activity in recent changes (users/articles)
statistics (since November 20, 2006)

Top revokers
Most active recent revokers on the French Wikipedia
statistics (since December 1, 2006)


Page not found error

Checks whether a user is allowed to vote in a specific poll
voting (since July 5, 2006)


Displays several edits by either anonymous (general) or a specific user which are unpatrolled, allowing patrollers easier patrolling.
patrol vandalism (since November 15, 2006)


"Cite book" generator
The tool is helping with filling in the template attributes.
sources ISBN cite templates (major update on April 26, 2008)
PMID "Cite journal" generator
The tool is helping with filling in the template attributes.
sources PMID cite templates (since)
Articles with no interwiki links
The script displays a list of the 1000 biggest articles in main namespace in given Wikimedia wiki with no interwiki links in it.
interwiki (since 2009-08-02)


Account inactive

Edit counter
lists many statistics and graphs related to a user's number of edits
editcount (major update on February 27, 2006)

Page-name search
Searches article names using regular expressions or LIKE patterns
search (since February 17, 2006)

Articles created
A list of all articles created by a specific user. Created manually by Interiot on request.
{{{tags}}} (since Mar 4, 2006)

Young Orphans
lists recently-uploaded images that are still orphans
images orphan needshelp (since Feb 2, 2006)

backlinks (since Mar 11, 2006)

Contribution tree
Shows contributions a specific user has made to a specific page
editcount (since Jan 14, 2006)

Old/short merges
Pages that have been marked for merging for the longest period of time
needshelp (since Mar 8, 2006)

Wikiprojects list
Lists active and inactive wikiprojects
enumerate (since Apr 4, 2006)

Searches for stub tags that tend to be used within a given category
similarity stubs (since Apr 20, 2006)

Single-user login conflict checker
usernames (since May 18, 2006)

Popular articles lacking an image
A random sample of articles that have no images, hilighting articles with the most backlinks.
images (since March 2, 2006)

Recent changes username search
Allows searching for similar names or IP ranges in recent changes
recentchanges (since July 11, 2006)

Lists the parent categories of an article, in order to check whether the category structure is mostly hierarchical
categories (since July 21, 2006)

Related Watchlist
Allows "related changes" to function more like a watchlist, by filtering out all but the most recent change for each page
watchlists (since August 3, 2006)


Infobox Existance Checker
Find articles incorrectly tagged as needing an infobox; or, more generally, articles that transclude template X and have their talk pages in category Y.
templates categories infoboxes (since April 12, 2009)

Template Transclusion Count
Get the number of tranclusions a given template has.
templates transclusions (since March 28, 2009)

Non-existant Page Finder
Find empty pages within a given namespace on a given Wikipedia.
pages (since March 28, 2009)


Deadend pages
Lists all articles that don't link to any other articles. Updated daily.
deadend (since Apr 3, 2009)

Uncategorized articles
Lists all uncategorized articles, including articles that link only to redlink categories. Hidden categories are ignored. Updated daily.
categories (since Feb 25, 2009)

Untagged uncategorized articles
List of up to 5000 untagged uncategorized articles that can be updated on command. Also offers a bot-friendly article list generator.
categories (since Feb 25, 2009)

Categorized articles
Articles are tagged as uncategorized but do have at least one non-hidden category. Updated daily.
categories (since Feb 25, 2009)

Pages with links to disambiguation pages
Lists all articles by number of links to disambiguation pages. Updated daily.
disambiguation (since Jan 31, 2009)

List of disambiguation pages linked by an article
Up-to-the-minute lookup of the list of disambiguation pages linked by a single article.
disambiguation (since Jan 31, 2009)

Disambiguation link count
Up-to-the-minute lookup of the number of links to a single disambiguation page.
disambiguation (since Jan 31, 2009)

Disambiguation pages with links
Lists all articles by number of links to disambiguation pages. Updated daily.
disambiguation (since Jan 28, 2009)

Templates with disambiguation links
Lists all templates that link to disambiguation pages, ordered by number of transclusions. Updated daily.
disambiguation (since Feb 10, 2009)

Page not found error

Lists all orphans in English Wikipedia. Updated daily.
orphan (since Jan 27, 2009)

Untagged orphans
List of 5000 untagged orphans with up-to-date status. Bot-friendly.
orphan (since Jan 27, 2009)

Adopted orphans
Orphans that are tagged with the orphan template but are no longer orphans. Updated daily. Bot-friendly.
orphan (since Jan 27, 2009)

Orphaned images in a category
Lists orphaned images within a given category.
images orphan categories (since Feb 1, 2009)


Account inactive

Suggest articles from interwikis
Search the most important articles (the ones with the most interwikis) in a reference wikipedia not linked to another wikipedia.
interwiki article-suggestion (since October 15, 2007)

Articles without interwikis
Advanced search of articles, categories and templates without interwikis (extends Special:Withoutinterwiki).
interwiki (since October 21, 2007)


Account inactive

Page revision history
Generates a wikitext version of a page's history, useful when transwikiing a page.
interwiki (since June 30, 2006)

Automagic page deletion
Create "delete page" links, which automatically fill in a delete reason, based on pages in a category or wikilinks on a page.
admin (since June 30, 2006)

Whois x
Performs a simple whois of x with APNIC or other whois hosts
nettools (since June 30, 2006)


Extracts all templates from the database dump in 8 languages. It intends to analyse the variable values contained in the templates and represent them in new ways, apply filters and do other useful stuff.
templates database (since Apr 24, 2007)

Kmz-files with wikipedia-articles, which works in Google Earth. Database for over 190.000 Places on the world. A simple map for each browser. Support 17 languages.
geo (since Apr 24, 2007)

Search-Engine for every Wikimedia-Project with suggestion function
search (since Mar 19, 2007)

I work together with user sk.


Simplistic server side password generator. Please note passwords are sent in plain text.
random passwords (since Apr 24, 2007)

CentralAuth View Tool
This tool displays a sortable list of CentralAuth-managed accounts.
SUL usernames (since)


"Cite Web" generator
Automaticall fills in cite web templates.
templates (since {{{released}}})


Account inactive

Replication lag graphs
Graphs of the replication lag over the last day, hour, week, month and year
toolserver (since May 11, 2006)

This tool shows the articles that are viewed most
statistics (since August 26, 2006)

Graphs the number of images without a valid licence description
images copyright (since {{{released}}})

Graphs the number of edits per minute
statistics (since {{{released}}})

Shows a list with the numbers of new articles per day
statistics (since {{{released}}})

Graphs the number of requests per second to the wikimedia servers. Actually mark creates them, I'm just hosting them. As far as I know he uses python for it.
statistics (since {{{released}}})

Graphs the traffic of the wikimedia servers per second. See reqstats.
statistics (since {{{released}}})


Crop images on Commons
commons (since July 27, 2008)

Birthday calendar of the german Wikipedians.
wikipedians (since May 21, 2007)

Generate descriptions of reworked pictures.
commons images (since May 12, 2007)

Licence Tag Finder translate commons licenses into de-licenses and in reverse.
commons language copyright (since May 12, 2007)

User contributions
Search user contributions in all Wikis.
contributors editcount language usernames (since May 14, 2007)

Show all EXIF-data's of a given image
images (since November 4, 2007)

gWatch is a watchlist - for all wikis of the wikimediafoundation.
watchlists (since December 19, 2007)

easy upload derivative works
commons upload images (since February 2008)


generates summary text to copy-n-paste when transfering images to commons
commons images (since May 1, 2006)

Commons SumItUp
generates a summary text for pages on commons from wikipedia articles in different languages
commons images (since May 1, 2006)

Free Image Search Tool (FIST)
finds articles with no/few pictures, searches wikipedia articles in different languages, Commons, Flickr, and other free image resources
images commons similarity flickr (since October 2007)

tries to find an ISBN in online databases, then returns the text as wiki markup
wikitext (since May 1, 2006)

WikiMarkup-to-XML-to-text/DocBook/PDF/ODT/XHTML converter
wikitext (since May 1, 2006)

Push for commons
A tool to mass-copy suitable images to commons
commons (since June 15, 2006)

Assists in the generation of reference tags. Customizable via m:MakeRef.
copyright wikitext cite sources (since July 21, 2006)

My "No Information"
Identifies files on Wikimedia Commons, uploaded by a particular user, that do not make use of commons:Template:Information or commons:Template:Paiting to present file meta data in a standardised fashion. See My "No Information" for further details.
commons templates information (since August 20, 2007)

Category intersection
Finds articles that belong to a list of categories
categories intersection (since 2008)

Image pages without image
lists all file description pages that don't have an image (local project or Commons)
images wikipedia commons (since 2008)

Files in category
lists all files in a category as HTML, XML, or plain text, with no, wiki-text, or HTML description
images wikipedia commons categories (since 2008)

Duplicate images across
shows duplicate files between en/de wikipedia/wikiversity and Commons
images wikipedia wikiversity commons (since 2008)

a Commons interface for the iPhone
commons images iphone (since 2008)

recently uploaded free images at Flickr
commons flickr images (since 2008)

What is that?
checks the usage of an image in wikipedia, and retrieves the thumbnail captions as language-specific descriptions
images commons wikipedia thumbnail caption (since 2008)

Add Information
a tool to generate {{Information}} templates
commons wikipedia images information (since 2008)

a Commons category-based RSS feed (linked example for "Features pictures")
commons images rss (since 2008)

a Flickr-like interface to commons (no logins or uploads, though)
commons flickr interface (since 2008)

shows a set of images from a wikipedia, helping to find license problems, {{NowCommons}} candidates, and images that should be copied/moved to the commons
images wikipedia commons (since 2008)

Bad old ones
searches a category on commons and lists images and their last edits
commons images (since 2008)

Commons dupes
search & destroy images marked as duplicates
images commons duplicate duplicates deletion (since 2008)

a tool to ease buerocracy when deleting images on Commons
commons images deletion (since 2008)

User dupes
a tool to find dulicate files uploaded by a user on a wikipedia or the commons
commons images user duplicate duplicates deletion (since 2008)

Bad boys
finds images on your wikipedia in a "no/bad license" category, then sorts them by users to find "multiple offenders"
images commons (since 2008)

converts tab-delimitered tables into wiki tables
wikipedia tables wikitext conversion (since 2008)

a tool to merge two (sorted) lists on wiki pages together
wikitext lists (since 2008)

a mirror of a script by Borislav Manolov. Converts HTML (mainly tables) into MediaWiki markup
wikitext html conversion (since 2008)

takes a page on a wikimedia project that contains a list of articles, and generates the wiki text minus the links to existing articles
wikitext lists (since 2008)

can be used to prepare a biographical entry on en.wikipedia (templates, categories, formatting etc.)
wikipedia biography templates wikitext (since 2008)

Coordinate generator
generates geo-coordinate templates for de.wikipedia from a form
geo wikipedia wikitext (since 2008)

generate persondata template from article (de and en)
biography wikitext wikipedia (since 2008)

Random OutOfSight
shows out-of-date sighted versions that only differ a little by size (typo fixes etc.)
wikipedia flaggedrevs (since 2008)

DEEP InSight
shows unsighted pages by category, including subcategories
wikipedia flaggedrevs categories (since 2008)

DEEP Out Of Sight
shows out-of-date sighted versions by category, including subcategories
wikipedia flaggedrevs categories (since 2008)

Out Of Sight
randomly shows articles in de.wikipedia with out-of-date sighted versions
wikipedia flaggedrevs (since 2008)

Missing links
suggests new links from full-text analysis
wikipedia wikitext (since 2008)

shows articles in a category grouped by "co-categories"
wikipedia categories (since 2008)

Wiki ToDo
choses a random article on en.wikipedia and suggests things to fix
wikipedia (since 2008)

finds possible redirects to articles in a category by checking redirects in other languages
wikipedia redirects (since 2008)

name says it all...
wikipedia pdf (since 2008)

finds redlinks in pages in a category (and subcategories) and sorts them in order of occurrence
wikipedia (since 2008)

shows all image pages from a language/project that have no {{Information}} template
wikipedia information (since 2009)


Page not found error

Isolated articles in a particular category
Ruwiki uses clear rules for orphaned, deadend and isolated articles. This tool lists the isolated content of a category
(since Sep 15, 2007)


User Pages
Show recent changes of all global user and user talk pages for a given username
SUL user usernames recentchanges watchlists (since {{{released}}})


Are You a Wikipediholic Test
A version of the Wikipediholic Test that keeps score for you
vanity (since {{{released}}})


Geotagged pages needing images
Search for pages on the English Wikipedia needing images near a geographic location
search KML geo images (major update on 29 June 2009)


Account inactive

List co-occurences of categories.
categories similarity (since Apr 17, 2006)

Search engine for biographic articles.
search (since Dec 11, 2005)

Wiki Research Bibliography
Bibliography of scientific publications about Wikis and Wikipedia.
research (since 2005)


Shows a list of all articles created by a user.
articles vanity admin (since 2007)

Shows all article titles that mach a regular expression pattern.
titles regexp (since 2007)

Shows frequency of first or last words in article names, or of disambiguation keywords.
titles statistics (since 2007)

Translates SVG files.
svg translation commons (since 2008)


Wikimedia Commons KML interface for Google Earth
geo commons images (major update on Sep 10, 2007)

GeoCommons Recent Changes
Recent Changes to geocoding on Wikimedia Commons
geo commons images recentchanges (major update on Aug 29, 2007)

GeoCommons geocoding todo
Lists images from Wikimedia Commons not yet geocoded
geo commons images (major update on Aug 27, 2007)

GeoCommons inaccurates
Lists inaccurately geocoded images from Wikimedia Commons
geo commons images (major update on May 31, 2007)

KML convert
Converts a KML file to wiki coordinate format
geo KML (major update on Aug 31, 2007)

KML export
Converts coordinates from a wiki page to a KML file
geo KML (major update on Aug 31, 2007)

WGS84 to KKJ converter
Converts WGS84 coordinates from Wikipedia to Finnish KKJ coordinates and redirects to the requested service
geo (major update on Sep 8, 2007)

KKJ to WGS84 converter
Converts KKJ coordinate links from Finnish map services to WGS84 in wiki format
geo (major update on Sep 9, 2007)

WGS84 to Tokyo datum
Converts WGS84 coordinates from Wikipedia to Japanese Tokyo datum coordinates and redirects to the requested service
geo (major update on May 19, 2008)

Autoupdating Commons:Special:NewFiles
An autoupdating and more compact view of
commons images recentchanges (major update on Feb 2, 2009)


Account inactive

Periodically retrieves IP blocklist and stores autoblock entries for later retrieval via id, blocker or original blockee. Not toolserver database based (yet).
admin (since Apr 26, 2006)

backlinks (since Mar 11, 2006)


Account inactive

Revision counter
Shows you how many revisions have been made to an article
contributors (since Feb 4, 2006)


Intersect Contribs
List of pages edited by both the specified users
contributors contributions lists (since Nov 2007)
Requisiti di voto
Requisites for voting in
contributors contributions voting (since Jan 2009)


User of several Wikies
List replicated wikies having a user with a given name
usernames contributors (since Oct 2006)

Describe Replicated Tables
Select a replicated wiki and display its data base structure
toolserver help support (since Oct 2006)

Inspect Databases
Show structure and some sample records of selected databases
toolserver help support (since Oct 2006)


Tool to keep track about changes to chemistry-related articles
chemistry (since May 1, 2007)


The Original Edit Counter(tm)
Show how many edits a user has on a wiki
editcount (since November 1, 2004)

Auto wikifyer
Automatically adds wiki links to unwikied text
wikitext (since Dec 29, 2005)

Access Forbidden

Six degrees of Wikipedia
Finds the shortest paths between two Wikipedia articles using wikilinks
links (major update on Nov 21, 2005)


List of broken redirects
A list of redirects to redlinks. Split into redirects that can be handled by a bot and redirects that need manual processing.
lists redirects (since)

A list of short pages
lists shortpages (since)


Fafafa: Feed generator
RSS feeds of English Wikipedia's featured articles, picture of the day and selected anniversaries
rss (since 2008-12-10)


Account inactive

Finds editing milestones for registered users
editcount (since May 12, 2006)

RfA Analysis
Identifies duplicate voters in a Request for Adminship
admin (since May 18, 2006)

Identifies pages that redirect to a particular page, similar to Special:Whatlinkshere
links (since August 31, 2006)

User registration date/time finder
Finds out exactly when a user account was created
usernames (since July 31, 2006)

A searchable repository for questions about Wikipedia frequently asked by newcomers
wikipedia-bootcamp help (since August 31, 2006)

Wikimedia Commons image/media search tool
search commons searchengine (since February 13, 2007)


Red Link Recovery Live
Searches for red links in an article and attempts to suggest alternate targets for them.
links (since January 2010)


Account inactive

Article Contribution Counter
Lists those who have contributed to a specified article, and the number of their edits.
contributors (since June 16, 2006)

Word Count
Counts the number of words in an article
(since July 1, 2006)

Lightweight Zedler-statistics IRC bot
toolserver statistics (since June 21, 2006)

Tool Breakdown
Breakdown of statistics relating to projects on Zedler.
toolserver statistics (since July 3, 2006)

Tony Sidaway[edit]

Account inactive

Vandalism reverts on Wikipedia
Incidence of vandalism on any page in a number of popular Wikipedias
vandalism statistics (since Jan 13, 2006)


Sysops statistics
Utility to monitor sysops' activity
admin editcount statistics (since Jul 13, 2006)

Range contributions
Allow to get contributions of address range like "192.168" or "10.0.0"
IP contributions (since Jul 13, 2006)


Page not found error

Recent changes filtered by date
Displays recent changes in a given date/time range
recentchanges (since Jun 3, 2006)

Access Forbidden

WebBoy's tools
Homepage of all my tools
(since Jun 3, 2006)


Account inactive

Pastebin that broadcasts link into selected IRC channel for easy access.
paste IRC bot (since Oct 8, 2006)