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La tradusion de la stemana l'é en proxèto portà avanti dal coorđinamento interlengoa di, che à par scopo quel de tradur una o più voxe tel numero pì grant che se pòl de lengoe posibili.

Each week, starting on Monday, a stub or the first paragraph of an important article is chosen to be translated into as many languages (especially small languages) as possible.

Una o più voxe importanti le ven ẑerniđe par èser tradote tel pì grant numero de lengoe che se pol tute le stemane, pì che altro quele minori, par fare sì che le diverse Wikipedie le condiviđe el so material e che ste voxe le pođe far naser na cađena de colegamenti che la porte ala creaẑion de tante voxe corelađe.

I candidati ideali par sto scopo i aerìe de eser:

  1. curti;
  2. de faẑil traduẑion;
  3. guiđar ala traduẑion de altri articoli.

Please update the interwiki links on Wikidata of your language version of the article after each week's translation is finished so that all languages are linked to each other.

Pođé parlar co altri trađutori o ciamar aiuto su Babylon, el ẑèntro traduẑion de Wikimedia.

This week (20)

The winner this week is en:Ruyan (district).

Please list translations here.

Candidati e votaẑion sule future traduẑion dela stemana

Pođé dar el vos voto par le future tradužioni dela stemana ala paxena Candidati ala traduẑion dela stemana: oltre a dar el so voto, ten sta paxena in inglexe podé diretamente đontar nove candiđature, insieme a na curta descriẑion, ilustrando i link cenesti tela voxe.

Failed candidates are found at /Removed.

Interested translators

Interested translators who would like to participate in this project may list themselves here. Thank you in advance for your support. If you want to have the translation of the week delivered to your talk page each week, you may list yourself with the button below.

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