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Before the event: Participants[edit]

  • Keep an open mind. Look up the culture you are about to enter and consider cultural differences. Something that is normal at home may not be standard practice where you are going. Since you are a guest, a level of respect should be shown towards the local culture, even if you don’t personally agree with it.
  • Read the behavioral guidelines applicable to the event you are attending. These may vary from one event to another, and it can help to be aware what standards are expected of you in advance.
  • Be ready to report an issue. In some cultures, reporting harassment or abuse issues is not always received well, and reporting is discouraged. There is zero tolerance for abuse at Wikimedia events, and you don’t have to put with abusive behavior towards you. There is no shame in being a witness or being subjected to harassment and your report will be handled confidentially where possible.
  • Be an ally. Be willing to speak up and stand up when you see something happening that may not necessarily require reporting but is testing boundaries of what is appropriate.
  • Identify the event organizing team and response team members, so you can easily spot them if you need them.