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Training modules/Pilot testing

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Pilot testing

Welcome! This page is a place to sign up to be a pilot tester for the Support and Safety team's training modules. We will be conducting a survey-based pilot test to determine the usability, effectiveness, and translatability of the modules, and we need community members to be our testers. Selected testers will be sent a gift as a thank you while supplies last.

This survey is hosted on a third-party service. For information about privacy and data handling, please see the survey's privacy statement.

Express your interest!

Goals of this testing[edit]

  • Usable product - Platform works properly, is intuitive, pleasant to use
  • Digestible content - readable, translatable content
  • Effective content - content relates practical advice for dealing with problems. (i.e. - you came out of the module knowing more about the subject)
  • Useful to both newer users and experienced admins
  • Understandable to people of different cultural and regional backgrounds
  • Effectiveness of interactive exercises - do they encourage a better understanding of the related section's content?


To get a good understanding of how a cross-section of people with different levels of Wikimedia experience and different levels of English proficiency experience the modules, we are looking for testers from the following categories:

  • Experience level:
  • Moderate - between 500 and 2000 edits, 6 months to 2 years experience
  • High - above 2000 edits, more than 2 years of experience
  • English proficiency:
  • Native
  • Non-native

  • Cultural/regional background:
  • Seeking testers from the following regions:
  • North America/Europe/Aus/NZ
  • Latin/South America
  • Africa
  • South Asia/Middle East
  • Eastern Asia

Please note that we may not select everyone who signs up.


We have two “thank you gift” options that our testers may choose from after they complete the pilot test:

Gift Options[edit]

  • Scarves!
  • Water bottles!

Important gift notes[edit]

We will be selecting testers based on the above criteria, so that we get a good range of feedback.

In order to receive a gift, selected pilot testers must fully complete the product survey by the closing date of March 10, 2017. The survey must be complete in order to receive a gift. Please don't sign up for this pilot just because you want a gift - the end goal is to make our training better! :)

Note also that shipping gifts to some areas of the world is difficult. We'll be trying our best to make things smooth, but please know that sending gifts to certain areas of the world can take a long time.


This pilot will launch on February 27, 2017.