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When doesn't MEDRS apply?

It's important to be careful, but don't panic. Not every statement in a biomedical article requires you follow the MEDRS guidelines.

MEDRS does not apply to statements that don't touch on human biomedical topics, even if the statement appears within a biomedical-related article.

Oftentimes, this level of sourcing would be inappropriate or impossible, and could actually stand in the way of writing a strong article.

For eksempel:

  • A sentence in the "culture" section of the "Black Death" article describing its impact on 14th-century religious fervor in Europe.
  • A "history" section within the "Opium" article, describing its use in ancient times.
  • A "popular culture" section mentioning that the fictional protagonist of the spy-thriller series Homeland was diagnosed with bipolar disorder.

Though you should always use the best-quality sources you can find, these types of statements do not require MEDRS.