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Finding articles: Option 2[edit]

Using the English Wikipedia, find an article that interests you. Good places to start are those that reflect something distinct about the culture related to the language of study.

Then, look to the left of the page, in the gray bar beneath the Wikipedia globe. At the tail end of that list of links, you'll see "Languages," and links to all of the languages that also have that article. Languages are spelled in the local alphabet or phonemes of the language you're studying. For example, you won't see "Japanese" or "French," you'll see "日本語" and "Français".

Is the language you're studying listed?

  • If so, click the language to see the same article in that language. You can compare the two articles to get a sense of what one has that the other does not.

If not, that means there's no corresponding article in that language. You'll want to keep digging.