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Training new editors[edit]

Because you have a limited amount of time during an editathon and cannot expect new Wikipedia editors to walk away “knowing everything,” it is important to limit what you introduce editathon trainees to during an editing event.

There are two tactics commonly used by event runners for providing these introductions: using slides or doing a live guided presentation using a lesson plan created before the event. For example slides, see the Commons category for those slides.

Event presentations typically include:

  • A welcome that sets the tone for the event. Make sure to welcome folks to the Wikimedia community and invite them to participate.
  • Thank yous to supporters of the event.
  • Reminders about venue logistics -- including WiFi or computers logins, fire escape and bathroom locations, including gender neutral restrooms, etc.
  • A brief training for new editors (see next slide)
  • Reminders about how to keep track of contributions through the Programs and Events Dashboard or the event page.