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Parts of Wikidata: Items[edit]

This is the item for the country Uruguay.

Wikidata contains over 50 million items which are described by properties with values. An item is a thing, concept, or entity (like a country, a person, a book, a point in time, a philosophy, or a process). Items are represented with the letter Q followed by a number. For example the country Uruguay's item number is Q77.

Note: You do not have to memorize Q item numbers.

Items have labels which identify the items in terms that humans can understand. Items have labels in multiple languages. The label you see depends on the language settings on your browser. Items also have descriptions, which explain what that item is (in more than 300 languages). Items also have aliases, which are alternative names for items (for example "Uruguay" could also be "the Republic of Uruguay", or remember the example from a few slides ago of the former Libyan leader).

Note: If the item you're looking at does not have a label in the language you're using, it will show up as that item's Q-number. To add a label in that language, just click "edit" and add the label in that language!