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Sourcing quiz[edit]

Test yourself!
Which of the following is the best source for a statement on Wikidata?
  1. The subject of an item's webpage on their employer's website. (click to expand or collapse)
    INCORRECT! This isn't the best source since it's a primary rather than secondary source.
  2. "Imported from Wikipedia", because Wikipedia articles are trustworthy. (click to expand or collapse)
    INCORRECT! Although many of Wikipedia's articles are well-source, it doesn't mean that all of them are.
  3. The subject of an article's personal website, because who who knows you better than you know yourself? (click to expand or collapse)
    INCORRECT! Anyone can write anything they want about themselves. This is an unreliable source.
  4. An article about the person published by a newspaper with a reputation for accuracy and fact-checking. (click to expand or collapse)
    CORRECT! Newspapers and other secondary sources are ideal sources since they have been verified by multiple sources.

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