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Joining a WikiProject[edit]

Joining a WikiProject means you will receive communications about that particular project. Some projects allow you to volunteer for certain areas to improve, other projects have a lot of group work to address project needs.

All WikiProjects have a participants section. Every participant section should have a button that says "[+] Add yourself to the list." When you click that button, the page will go into "edit mode." Scroll to the bottom and sign your name with ~~~~, which will automatically generate your username and a time stamp, click "Publish Changes" and now you're part of a WikiProject!

Adding yourself to Wikidata Wikiproject.png

Whether or not you are part of a WikiProject you can always leave a message on the Discussion tab of a WikiProject or by reaching out to individuals who are part of the project. Introduce yourself and ask a question or share what you are interested in doing.

If ever you want to leave a WikiProject, you can click "[+] Add yourself to the list," delete your name, click "Publish Changes," and you'll be removed from that project.