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Managing events and user roles[edit]

When necessary, admins can edit any event or campaign, and add or remove users as event Facilitators, event participants, or campaign Organizers.

Adding a Facilitator will give a user full access to an event, including the ability to remove other users or delete the event altogether. To add a Facilitator:

  • Visit the event page's Home tab
  • Click 'Edit Details'
  • Click the + icon for Facilitators
  • Enter their username, then click 'Add User'

To add a campaign Organizer:

  • Visit the campaign Home tab
  • Click 'Edit'
  • Click 'Edit Details'
  • Click the + icon for Organizers
  • Enter their username, then click 'Add organizer'

To remove a facilitator or organizer:

  • Follow the same directions above to access the list of current facilitators/organizers
  • Click the - icon next to the user who should be removed.