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Translation requests/Request submission

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This page needs your feedback. Comments are welcome on Talk:Translation requests. Thanks.

Welcome to Transcom's Translation request submission. For foundation-level issues, you may ask for a translation on this page.

If your request is primarily concerned with a community issue of one single wiki or global, and not related to the Foundation, you are encouraged to handle it yourself at Template:Translation requests/fromlocalreqs.

How to ask for help


Please ask for help with a translation using the {{ask a translation}} template as follows:

1. Edit the #Translate me section below.
2. Paste in the template below. You must include all six variables.
{{subst:ask a translation
3. Save your edit, to get a result as follows:


Source location: example
Delivery deadline: 2034-04-01
Source language: En
Target language(s): Any
Submit by: Aphaia 14:11, 12 March 2007 (UTC)

For further information, see Translation requests/About submission.