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Translation requests/Resolution:Board expansion

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Whereas the Board confirms its committment to expand the number of members on the board of directors

It is hereby resolved that:

  • Hereafter, persons appointed to the board shall serve for a term of one year, which may be renewed.
  • Hereafter, persons elected from the community shall be appointed for a term of two years.
  • The board reaffirms its commitment to expand further in the coming years, and include members with a diverse set of talents, experience, and competencies, the majority of whom are elected or appointed from the community.
  • The terms of Jimmy Wales and Michael Davis will expire in December 2007.
  • Tim Shell resigns effective 15 December, 2006.
  • The board appoints Jan-Bart de Vreede to join the board to replace Tim Shell. (Term to expire 31 December, 2007)
  • The board appoints Florence Devouard to serve until 1 July, 2008.
  • The board appoints Oscar van Dillen and Kat Walsh to the Board to serve from 8th December 2006 until 1 July, 2007.
  • The board anticipates elections will be held in June, 2007, for three positions, each for a term of two years.
  • The board anticipates elections will be held in June, 2008, for three positions, each for a term of two years.

Reference : foundation:Resolution board expansion committee