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Translation requests/WMF/Fundraising pages

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This is the page that visitors to wikimediafoundation.org will see when they go to the donation page in the target language. The original is at http://wikimediafoundation.org/wiki/Fundraising. Please note that the HTML version previously on Meta is out of date. The pages are now made up of Wikitext and templates, not HTML.





Please update this page with the status of your translation after each bit of work.
Translations should include a translated page title (the first line) in their own languages.



Fundraising page


Replaced with Translation request/WMF/Fundraising/2006 and Wikimedia:Fundraising translations.

Past works found at the links following: (ang) (ar) (ast) (bg) (br) (ca) (cs) (de) (en) (el) (eo) (es) (et) (eu) (fr) (gl) (hu) (ia) (id) (it) (ja) (ko) (nl) (nn) (pl) (pt) (ro) (ru) (sl) (sr) (su) (sv) (th) (tr) (ur) (vi) (wa) (zh) edit

Fund drive letter


See Translation requests/WMF/Give the gift of knowledge for Fundraising drive 2006.

Fund drive letters for old fund drives:

Fund drive notice


See Fundraising_sitenotice_2006_Q4 for Fundraising drive 2006.

Relevant requests


Again, thank you for your interest! And if possible, your update of the WMF Home Page will be appliciated: further information: Home

Fundraising form details


Note: This part may be outdated. Before you start, ask User:Daniel Mayer if your hands are really needed for the tasks above. Aphaia 14:49, 16 December 2006 (UTC)[reply]

You need to make 5 templates for each language as below (with xx being a language code):

You do not have to worry about any other templates or pages other than the 5 templates above and the main fundraising page. Each of the other templates are language neutral and can be created by anyone on the foundation wiki.

The only template which is absolutely needed is Template:DonationForm-xx.

To translate:

  1. Just copy the most recent version of an existing template you wish to translate from #Base templates below (the English versions are usually the most up-to-date).
  2. Name the new template exactly the same as the one you copied from except replace the two-letter language code with the code of the language you are translating to.
  3. Replace the text between = and | with the appropriate translation unless it is between {{{}}}.
  4. Save

Individual words to be translated


To make pages like wikimedia:Fundraising/JPY and the main page: translate the words

donate, one time, monthly, yearly, fund raising  

Base templates


All updated on 27 February 2004

lang. Donation form Help Option DonateOnetime Creditcards
ar: DonationForm-ar DonateHelp-ar DonateOption-ar DonateOnetime-ar Creditcards-ar
bg: DonationForm-bg DonateHelp-bg DonateOption-bg DonateOnetime-bg Creditcards-bg
br: DonationForm-br DonateHelp-br DonateOption-br DonateOnetime-br Creditcards-br
ca: DonationForm-ca DonateHelp-ca DonateOption-ca DonateOnetime-ca Creditcards-ca
cs: DonationForm-cs DonateHelp-cs *DonateOption-cs DonateOnetime-cs Creditcards-cs
da: DonationForm-da DonateHelp-da DonateOption-da DonateOnetime-da Creditcards-da
de: DonationForm-de DonateHelp-de DonateOption-de DonateOnetime-de Creditcards-de
en: DonationForm-en DonateHelp-en DonateOption-en DonateOnetime-en Creditcards-en
eo: DonationForm-eo DonateHelp-eo DonateOption-eo DonateOnetime-eo Creditcards-eo
es: DonationForm-es DonateHelp-es DonateOption-es DonateOnetime-es Creditcards-es
et: DonationForm-et DonateHelp-et DonateOption-et DonateOnetime-et Creditcards-et
fi: DonationForm-fi DonateHelp-fi DonateOption-fi DonateOnetime-fi Creditcards-fi
fr: DonationForm-fr DonateHelp-fr DonateOption-fr DonateOnetime-fr Creditcards-fr
he: DonationForm-he DonateHelp-he DonateOption-he DonateOnetime-he Creditcards-he
it: DonationForm-it DonateHelp-it DonateOption-it DonateOnetime-it Creditcards-it
ja: DonationForm-ja DonateHelp-ja DonateOption-ja DonateOnetime-ja Creditcards-ja
ko: DonationForm-ko DonateHelp-ko DonateOption-ko DonateOnetime-ko Creditcards-ko
lb: DonationForm-lb DonateHelp-lb DonateOption-lb DonateOnetime-lb Creditcards-lb
nl: DonationForm-nl DonateHelp-nl DonateOption-nl DonateOnetime-nl Creditcards-nl
nn: DonationForm-nn DonateHelp-nn DonateOption-nn DonateOnetime-nn Creditcards-nn
no: DonationForm-no DonateHelp-no DonateOption-no DonateOnetime-no Creditcards-no
pl: DonationForm-pl DonateHelp-pl DonateOption-pl DonateOnetime-pl Creditcards-pl
pt: DonationForm-pt * DonateHelp-pt DonateOption-pt DonateOnetime-pt * Creditcards-pt
ro: DonationForm-ro DonateHelp-ro DonateOption-ro DonateOnetime-ro Creditcards-ro
ru: DonationForm-ru DonateHelp-ru DonateOption-ru DonateOnetime-ru Creditcards-ru
sk: DonationForm-sk DonateHelp-sk DonateOption-sk DonateOnetime-sk Creditcards-sk
sl: DonationForm-sl DonateHelp-sl DonateOption-sl DonateOnetime-sl Creditcards-sl
sv: DonationForm-sv DonateHelp-sv DonateOption-sv DonateOnetime-sv Creditcards-sv
uk: DonationForm-uk DonateHelp-uk DonateOption-uk DonateOnetime-uk Creditcards-uk
vi: DonationForm-vi * DonateHelp-vi * DonateOption-vi * DonateOnetime-vi * Creditcards-vi *
wa: DonationForm-wa DonateHelp-wa DonateOption-wa DonateOnetime-wa Creditcards-wa
zh: DonationForm-zh DonateHelp-zh DonateOption-zh DonateOnetime-zh Creditcards-zh

Update requests


Please write as * languagecode --~~~~~ and please put * updated one on the table.