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  • Home - Last update: March 29 Translation needed
    Latest news is updated periodically:
    • Updated on Feburary 14
    New sections: Meetings/Our Projects; Latest News is updated; New template, "OurProject".


  • Current events - Updated on March 2
    Newly added events and milestones from October 2004 till February 2005 with information of recent downtime and fund drive.
  • Remark: if you find there are too much stuffs, please begin with only the major issues, that is fund drive and downtime reports.
  • Wikimedia Quarto - Updated on March 19
    • Quarto vol.2 (2005/01) - if you finished to proofread your language version, request for uploading at Translation requests.
    • Quarto vol.1 (2004/09) - if you finished to proofread your language version, request for uploading.
    • See Translation requests/WQ/2.

About Wikimedia[edit]


  • About Wikimedia - Latest: en, ja: Updated on February 14
    Diffs Liabilities - French three servers are hosted, Chad Perrin is being hired.

Our Projects[edit]

  • Our Projects - Original updated on Feburuary 14
    Staticstics updated, newly additional links and a new section for Wikinews
    • Wikimedia statistics - Coming soon




  • Download - coming someday?


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