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This is a closed translation request.

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Please note that this translation request has been closed since 2006. Please do not add any more translations, you will just be wasting your time.

Translation status (refresh · edit)
(en) English
  published, too late for changes
(en-gb) English (UK) ·create
(en-us) English (US)
  published, too late for changes
(fr) French Français
  published, too late for changes
(es) Spanish Español
  published, too late for changes
(ja) Japanese 日本語
  finished, waiting to be published
(ru) Russian Русский ·create
(zh) Chinese 中文
  published, too late for changes
(zh-hant)Chinese-trad.傳統中文 ·create
(zh-hans)Chinese-simp.簡化中文 ·create
(af) Afrikaans ·create
(ar) Arabic العربية ·create
(bg) Bulgarian Български ·create
(bn) Bengali বাংলা ·create
(ca) Catalan Català
(ce) Chechen Нохчийн ·create
(cs) Czech Česky
(da) Danish Dansk ·create
(de) German Deutsch
  published, too late for changes
(el) Greek Ελληνικά ·create
(eo) Esperanto ·create
(et) Estonian Eesti ·create
(fa) Persian فارسی ·create
(fi) Finnish Suomi
  not started
(fo) Faroese Føroyskt ·create
(gl) Galician Galego ·create
(he) Hebrew עברית
  finished, waiting to be published
(hi) Hindi हिन्दी ·create
(is) Icelandic Íslenska ·create
(hr) Croatian Hrvatski ·create
(hsb) Upper Sorbian Hornjoserbsce ·create
(hu) Hungarian Magyar ·create
(id) Indonesian Bahasa Indonesia ·create
(it) Italian Italiano
  finished, waiting to be published
(jv) Javanese Basa Jawa ·create
(kk) Kazakh Qazaq ·create
(ko) Korean 한국어 ·create
(lt) Lithuanian Lietuvių ·create
(ml) Malayalam മലയാളം ·create
(nb) Norwegian Bokmål ·create
(nl) Dutch Nederlands ·create
(nn) Norwegian Nynorsk ·create
(no) Norwegian Bokmål (obsolete; use nb) ·create
(oc) Occitan ·create
(oc) Odia (Oriya) ଓଡ଼ିଆ ·create
(pl) Polish Polski ·create
(pms) Piemontese Piemontèis ·create
(ro) Romanian Română ·create
(sk) Slovak Slovenčina ·create
(sl) Slovenian Slovenščina ·create
(sr) Serbian Српски/Srpski ·create
(sq) Albanian Shqip ·create
(sv) Swedish Svenska ·create
(th) Thai ไทย ·create
(tl) Tagalog ·create
(tr) Turkish Türkçe ·create
(uk) Ukrainian Українська ·create
(vec) Venetian Vèneto ·create
(vi) Vietnamese Tiếng Việt ·create
(yue) Cantonese 廣東話 ·create

Registration for Wikimania[edit]


Tell us when you're coming. Admission to the conference is $90 (USD) per day, or $240 for all three days. Active contributors to Wikimedia projects are eligible for a discounted rate of $30 per day, or $70 for the entire conference.


Accommodation in the Harvard Law School dormitories can be had for $40 per night. These are single rooms, with shared baths and kitchens on each floor. Available space is limited, so be sure to book early.

For more information on accommodation, including dorm alternatives, see this page.


Personal information

Please tell us a bit about yourself.

Given name:


Please keep my real name confidential

E-mail address:

If you're an active Wikimedia contributor, enter your username and project below. We can't check all of these, so we're mostly relying on the honor system, but any registration discovered to be fraudulent will be immediately voided. Be honest, and help us pay for the event.




The answers you give here will provide Wikimedia with important statistical data, so please make them accurate and meaningful. We will never disclose any of your personal information, this section included, without your consent.

That said, there are certain cases in which we can discreetly put our knowledge of your language, sex, and nationality to good use—e.g., helping a Belgian conferee locate fellow Flemings. It'll probably be fairly obvious to everyone who meets you in person, so we'd like you to check here:

Primary language:


Year of birth:


Decline to state

Conference tracks of particular interest:

Free knowledge and access to information
Wikimedia projects and content
Wiki social science
Wikis in education
Law and policy
Technical infrastructure

Visa assistance

The Wikimedia Foundation has a limited amount of resources to devote to assisting conferees with securing tourist visas. Requests for such assistance will not be considered without all of the following information, and not before payment of all conference fees in full.

Seriously: if you obviously have no intention of attending our conference, don't bother asking.

Place of residence (full address—city, political subdivision, postal code):

Telephone number:


Passport number:

Date of issue:

Place of birth (as listed on your passport):

Date of birth:

Special needs

Dietary requirements:

I need assistance obtaining a visa to enter the United States

I won't be able to attend without a full or partial sponsorship

A third party (corporation, private sponsor) is paying full price for me to attend, and I'll need a receipt


Please take a moment to verify that all fields have been completed correctly before continuing to the next page.



Be sure you have read the following information and understand it before proceeding.

Electronic payments for Wikimania 2006 will be handled exclusively by PayPal. You do not need a PayPal account if you intend to pay with a credit card; please select the option labeled "If you do not currently have a PayPal account …" on the next page and read all instructions carefully.

If you are unable to complete the PayPal transaction, please re-register and try again. If all else fails, contact for assistance.

Continue to PayPal