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page lang source updated status? Working area
首页 zh-hans Home 2008-01-27 need update Translation requests/WMF/Home/zh-hans
首頁 zh-hant Home 2008-03-04
维基媒体基金会 zh-hans Frequently Asked Questions 2006-10-11 source needs update Translation requests/WMF/About Wikimedia/zh-hans
維基媒體基金會 zh-hant Frequently Asked Questions Now Redirected to zh-hans needs creation Translation requests/WMF/About Wikimedia/zh-hant
资助 zh-hans Donate 2008-02-12
資助 zh-hans Donate 2008-02-12
地方分会 zh-hans Local chapters 2007-01-21 page is obsolete, big update
地方分會 zh-hant Local chapters N/a Need Creation
新闻动态 zh Current events 2007-01-15 obsolete, "updated needed"
捐助人 zh-hans Benefactors 2005-12-07 outdated Translation requests/WMF/News-zh
决议 zh-hans Resolutions 2006-10-11 outdated
现任职员 zh-hans Current staff 2008-02-06 names need translation
現任職員 zh-hant Current staff 2008-02-06 names need translation
我们的项目 zh-hans Our projects 2007-01-15 needs Wikiversity Translation requests/WMF/Our projects/zh-hans
我們的項目 zh-hant Our projects Now Redirected to zh-hans needs Creation Translation requests/WMF/Our projects/zh-hant