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Report of the Tremendous Wiktionary User Group for the fourth year: September 2019 to September 2020.


The group[edit]

Started at Wikimania 2016, this User Group went recognized on September 26 the same year. After a year it reached 42 affiliates; after two, 49 members; after three, 57 members; and after four years, it now counts 58 members.

Meta and WMF activities[edit]

We took part in the 2020 Community Wishlist Survey to promote twenty proposals (seven proposals related to Wiktionary were submitted the past year). This year was a special edition focused on projects with smaller communities, therefore excluding Wikipedia, Wikimedia Commons and Wikidata. Only the 5 most-voted proposals would be addressed to complete the previous year excess.

The most supported idea, Insert attestation using Wikisource as a corpus received 57 votes and reached the fifth rank, henceforth entering in the developers' plan for 2020! All the other submissions in the top 5 were about Wikisource, and in a way, this one too.

Reda Kerbouche was interested to attend to the Wikimedia Summit in Berlin in behalf of the User Group but the meeting was cancelled.

The User Group signed the Community open letter on renaming and answered the survey. April Fools joke was a 2030 Strategy to support a rebrand as The Wiktionary Foundation.

Wiktionarians took part in the WikiForHumanRights initiative through a dedicated project on the French Wiktionary.

In September 2020, some participants of the User Group made an audit (or study) — Large-scale errors at Malagasy Wiktionary — and used the group to spread the notice. This page was translated to French.

Internal communication[edit]

From September 2019 to March 2020, the TWUG had a dedicated space in Wikimedia Space and made some nice discussions such as Who are Wiktionaries best competitors? or Is Wiktionary a product?(which may need a dedicate product manager then). With the opening of Wikimedia Chat, a dedicate channel was created.


Wiktionarian in Residence 2020[edit]

Initiated by Noé, the first Wiktionarian in residence was design for 2020 in a project in French Wiktionary (a translation in English is available). Seb en Résidence (2IF) is the account of Sebleouf for this occasion. Up to September 2020, he made about 28,000 edits. This residence is dedicated to fix some irregularities in the data and to structure some aspects of the Wiktionnaire such as lexicographical domains. A report will be publish next year.


LexiSession, a monthly dynamics for each Wiktionary, stopped in December 2019. It was mostly held by one single person (Noé) that decided to focus more on his single project with a new initiative on aspects of the project rather than thematic topics.


French Wiktionary Actualités is a monthly news page about the project. It was translated in English during few months in the past but without any feedbacks from other community, translations stopped. It is not a publication by the User Group but it participates to the promotion of the projects and it's the only Wiktionary-related online newspaper.

Conferences & Outreach[edit]

As for others, all international meetings were cancelled this year. The monthly gathering of wiktionarians is still vivid in Lyon, with 8 to 12 people each months. Several visitors passed on, but not from other Wiktionary editions.

Due to the lack of public events, no new material were produced during the past year.

Lyokoï made several live editing sessions on Youtube during the lockdown, with some colleagues to show different aspects of Wiktionary and the other projects around.

Le Dico[edit]

The chapter Wikimedia France managed a discussion for the publication of a dictionary made out of French Wiktionary, Le Dico and it went out in October 2019. Some wiktionarians were included but the TWUG was not implicated directly.

Publicity of this report[edit]

Notifications may be send after publication to the most active Wiktionaries, or at least announce it Actualités.

Plan for 2020-2021[edit]

Wikimedia Space seemed a good place for the User Group to discuss but it stopped to soon to be really active. Discord channels and Wikimedia Chat channels are filling the gap but they didn't united the interlinguistical community. Vocal chat on French speaking Discord is quite active and most of the speakers are wiktionarians, but it is only in one language.

Meetings are still unsure for the next year, and our forces may be reduced by our current initiatives, such as the residence (during but also after it to promote it).