Twin Wikimedians

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List of Wikipedians who had the (un?)fortune of sharing their mother's belly with somebody else, that is, who have a twin.

  • Muriel Gottrop (geologist and wikiholic) and pest dear brother Sebastian (architect and wikisceptic); born 1976
  • Mike Storm - Michael nearly died during birth when his umbilical cord got wrapped around his neck (just an interesting factoid).
  • starfarmer (Lenadams Dorris) — my identical twin and I were born on the first and second of September, 1959 in Hollywood, Los Angeles, California, USA. Unfortunately I do not know where he is, or even what his name is, because he, like me, was adopted out at birth. Our mother's name was Judith Thurman nee Hass, also known as Judith Aicinena. Our father is could have been Anson Thurman, or it could have been Jon Aicinena (aka Jon Lane of San Diego)...both deceased. Or it could have even been someone else entirely unsuspected at this time. I'd like to find my brother before I am dead, assuming he has not already predeceased me. Now you know where books and movies come from...real life! ;-)