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Ukraine's Cultural Diplomacy Month
1 – 28 February, 2021
[Social media: #UCDMonth] · [Link here:]

How to register

To join this contest please add your username and main language in the section below. Then, when you create or improve pages in any languages, come back here and add a link to each page under your name, with the score you claim. Our scoring system is explained below with examples.

Please add the hashtag #UCDMonth in your edit summary: it makes it easy for us to find your contributions.


You are responsible for counting your own points. Here's how to do it:

  • +0.5 point for each image added to a Wikipedia article in any language (including your own photos).
  • +1 point for each +1,000 bytes of added content to a Wikipedia article in any language.
  • +1 point for each new source you add to an existing Wikipedia article in any language.
  • +1 point for each corresponding Wikidata item that you improve.
  • +2 points for each new translation of an existing Wikipedia article to any language.
  • +10 points if your article is one of the suggested ones from the organizing team.
  • +25 points for a Good Article in any language.

  • If you translate an existing article into e.g. Hungarian and it is 4,100 bytes long, you get 6 points: 2 points for translation and 4 for the size of the article.
  • If you add 3,600 bytes of content to an existing article, you get 3 points.
  • If you add 3,600 bytes of wikitext (templates, infoboxes, citations) to an existing article, you get 3 points.
  • If you add 2 new sources to an existing article with the "citation needed" problem, you get 2 points.
  • If you are created an article and nominated it for Good Article status, mention it in your claim! Review of a nominated article may take some time, so we will wait two weeks after the contest ends to see if the nomination succeeded. If your article receives Good Article status, you get 25 points.

The points are cumulative. Your claims may look like this:

Example user (Czech, Slovakian) 165.5 points total

  • Example article 1: +4,753 bytes, suggested article, new translation, 1 image = 4+10+2+0.5 = 16.5 points
  • Example article 2: +25,317 bytes, new article, 0 images = 25 = 25 points
  • Example article 3: +19,904 bytes, improved article, 4 new sources for the existing text, 1 image = 19+4+0.5 = 23.5 points
  • Example article 4: +21,325 bytes, new article, 0 references = 0 points (one shouldn't create articles without sources!)
  • Example article 5: +3,456 bytes, suggested article, new translation, 2 images, improved Wikidata item = 3+10+2+1+1 = 17 points
  • Example article 6: +46,459 bytes, suggested article, 3 images, improved Wikidata item, Good Article = 46+10+1.5+1+25 = 83.5 points

The organizers have the final say in the scoring of the contributions and will clarify the rules and points if needed. Please note that the aim is to improve Wikipedia with high-quality articles, so any content of low quality that has been added will lose points or even result in a ban from the contest, if the organizers so decide. Please follow Five pillars and other rules of Wikipedia: choose notable topics, write neutrally, cite reliable sources, do not leave unedited machine translation etc.

Please remember

The points are simply here to make this more fun! Even if you do not join the contest to win we would love to learn about your work after the event, so please highlight it here. Your contribution is valuable in itself and with each edit you help make Wikipedia better.

New editors

If you are a new Wikipedia editor, first of all, welcome! We suggest that you take a look at Wikipedia:Translation and the Wikipedia:Introduction. That will make it easier to get going! When you start writing, the Manual of Style might be of help. These links go to Wikipedia in English, but all these pages are available in many languages. When you visit them, please have a look on the left-hand side (under "Languages") and see if they exist in your language as well. Every language version of Wikipedia is unique, with its own community and its own conventions, so it's good to have a look at the rules.

Please note that this page is for participants writing in any language apart from the Ukrainian one. Participants who write in the Ukrainian language will be scored separately from the rest of the participants — see the page on Ukrainian Wikipedia for more details.

The scoring system's design has been inspired by WikiGap Challenge

Contest details
Contest details
List of suggested articles
Participants & Scoring
If you have any questions about this writing challenge, please add them to our talk page.

List of Participants

Example user (language) N points total

  • Example article 1: +N bytes, suggested article, new translation, M images = … = 100500 points