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یوٗکرینٕز تٔہزیٖبی سفارتی طریٖقُک رؠتھ 2022

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This page is a translated version of the page Ukraine's Cultural Diplomacy Month 2022 and the translation is 57% complete.

Ukraine's Cultural Diplomacy Month 2022

17 February – 17 March    

[Social media: #UCDMonth] · [Link here: ucdm.wikimedia.org.ua]    

وِکیٖپیٖڈیاَس پؠٹھ یوٗکرینِیَن تٔہزیٖبی رِپوٗٹ سُدارنہٕ کھٲترٕ لِکھائ مُقابلَس منٛز چھُ خٲر مقدم!
  • What: This is a public writing contest, which sets aim to create and improve articles about the culture and people of Ukraine in as many language editions of Wikipedia as possible. The list of articles to focus on has been provided by the organizers of the challenge in Ukraine. The most active participants will receive prizes.
  • کَمہِ ساتھہٕ: لِکھائ مُقابلٕچ شروٗعات چھےٚ ٠٠:٠١, ١٧ فَرؤری ٢٠٢٢ (UTC) تا ٢٣:٥٩, ١٧ مارٕچ ٢٠٢٢ (UTC).
  • How: The contest is simple in structure, with 4 steps: Select articles to work on → Get points for your work → Aim to gain as many points as possible → Get awarded for your contribution!
  • کُس: کانٛہہ تہِ وِکیٖپیٖڈیَن کھاتہٕ بنٲوِتھ کُنہِ تہِ وِکی پؠٹھ ہؠکہِ مَدَتھ کٔرِتھ سُلہ سَمجھوتہٕ کرنَس منٛز لِکھایہِ تہٕ/یا یوٗکرینِیَن تٔہزیٖبَس مُتلق صفن ہِنٛدِس ترجُمَس منٛز کُنہِ تہِ زبانہِ منٛز. شِرکتھ کرنہٕ کھٲترٕ چھوٗ تۄہہِ سائیِن اَپ کَرُن شٕریٖکھ ڈبس منٛز.
  • Why: The contest is organized by Wikimedia Ukraine in cooperation with Ukrainian Institute and Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine. Wikipedia is missing articles about all kinds of topics, and through this contest we hope to improve articles about cultural phenomena significant to Ukrainian people. Improving Wikipedia's articles and coverage around Ukrainian culture is important to ensure that our readers find high-quality information.