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Universal Code of Conduct/Coordinating Committee/Election/2024/Candidates/Ozzeon

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Ozzeon (Questions)

Account Ozzeon (talk meta edits global user summary CA)
Candidate details
  • Languages: Tr,
  • Region: CEE
  • Active wikis: Commons, Tr wikipedia, wikidata
  • Wikimedian since: 2019
Selected home wiki Turkish Wikipedia
Type of seat (regional; community-at-large; or both) (division of regional seats) regional, CEE region
Candidate Introduction
Introductory statement / Application summary (maximum 200 words): Why are you running for the Universal Code of Conduct Coordinating Committee? What would you contribute? My primary reason for candidacy for the Universal Code of Conduct Coordination Committee stems from my professional experience, where I have honed a solution-oriented approach and a commitment to ethical principles. Having served in leadership roles at the Conflict Resolution Center and International Student Support Office, I have developed the ability to address issues within both legal and ethical frameworks, offering realistic solutions to individuals in need. I take pleasure in providing counseling services and aiding individuals in resolving their conflicts. I believe that my experience and mindset make me a valuable candidate for the Universal Code of Conduct Coordination Committee, where I can contribute effectively towards the institution's objectives. My determination to resolve disputes and uphold ethical standards is a trait I aim to carry forward into this platform.
Please describe your Wikimedia experience (such as contributions to the Wikimedia projects, memberships in Wikimedia organizations or affiliates, experience working on conduct issues in your community, activities as a Wikimedia movement organizer, or participation in building Wikimedia policies). Approximately five years ago, I joined the Wikimedia family. Among my interests are article creation, uploading sports-related photographs to Wikimedia Commons, and similar contributions. During my tenure at the university, I founded and advised the Wikipedia Student Community, the first of its kind in Turkey, and pioneered the establishment of similar communities at other universities. Stimulating interest in this field among students and enhancing the diversity of articles on Turkish Wikipedia has been a significant source of motivation for me.

Additionally, I contributed to the organization of two international Wikimedia events at the university where I work. I facilitated the hosting of "Wikidata Trainings For Turkic Wikimedians 2022" and "Turkic Languages Wikimedia Conference 2023." Furthermore, as a member of the Digital Knowledge Association, I strive to contribute to the organization's activities. These experiences have reinforced my desire to effectively contribute to the Wikimedia movement and foster its growth within the community.

Professional Experience, Skills and Education
Please briefly describe 3 situations that show how you worked on, or advised others on, a complex conduct or policy issue. How did you work with others to address the situations? 1. A student who applied to the International Support Office expressed discomfort with the visibility of personal information on class lists posted on classroom doors. To address this issue, coordination was conducted with the Information Technology Department, Software Department, and Health Culture Sports Department. As a result, the lists were removed from the doors and transferred to digital screens for data protection purposes, with personal details such as names masked when displayed.

2. An international student approached the Conflict Resolution Center regarding the expiration of their residence permit due to an unobtainable appointment from the Immigration Office, resulting in the inability to access student services. Collaborative efforts with the International Support Office and the Immigration Office were made to schedule a special appointment for the student, assist in obtaining the residence permit, and ensure continued access to student services.

3. In response to requests from disabled students for exam assistance, a structure was established by selecting members for the Disability Academic Commission in relevant faculties. This allowed for all support requests from disabled students to be addressed efficiently, leading to quicker and more accurate solutions to their problems and ensuring comprehensive support for their needs.

Leadership Experience
Can you describe a policy, on wiki or off, that you helped to create or change? What did you learn from this experience? I initiated the establishment of academic commissions for students with disabilities in faculties to address their exam support requests. This experience reaffirmed my understanding that many problems stem from a lack of communication.
How have you been able to empower people to make their voices heard? At the university where I work, I facilitated the creation of two structures not found at other universities: a Resolution Center and an International Student Support Office. These units were established to enable students to express their views, suggestions, and issues and find solutions.
Sometimes in professional situations, there are personality conflicts. Explain how you remain productive even with personality conflicts. My high motivation, fueled by my passion for my work and education in the field, helps me to minimize the impact of such situations and navigate through personality conflicts with minimal effect.
Strategic Thinking
In your opinion, how can the U4C be a positive influence in the Wikimedia movement? Environments where people feel safe and control mechanisms are transparent and clear are the healthiest for producing and disseminating knowledge. Thus, this movement will support the creation and spread of information.
How would you help the Universal Code of Conduct develop and improve over time? By approaching issues with an unbiased and open-minded perspective, I believe I can support a healthy communication and resolution environment, contributing to the development and improvement of the Universal Code of Conduct.