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Universal Code of Conduct


Punjabi Wikipedia is one of the first Indic language Wikipedias where the community started editing way back in 2002. However, after the initial few edits, all activities stopped for a while and the community remained inactive for almost over a decade. In 2012, with ner users from different backgrounds joining the project, it again started picking up the pace. It also started actively organizing educational programs and workshops. Since then, the community has performed spectacularly well in the Wikimedia movement with many successful edit-a-thons, participation in international events, organising online and offline Wikimedia events. The community has a user group and has a set of Bylaws. The Punjabi community is very focussed towards attaining the following goals-

  • Spreading the ideas of the Wikimedia Movement.
  • Introducing Wikipedia to more Punjabi people.
  • Encouraging people to become contributors.
  • Maintaining the community and obtaining more community members.
  • Collaborating and partnering with other communities and institutions.
  • Helping the growth and development of other Punjabi-based Wikimedia projects.


Punjabi Community feedback for UCoC Consultation

I am not a Punjabi editor but have collaborated with the community on multiple occasions. Many of the Odia community (my primary community) members have cordial relationship with the Punjabi community. I made a Village Pump post about Universal code of conduct in English which was then translated locally. I also reached out to people through individual outreach. But since this is not my primary community, I could only reach out to a handful of people, most of whom were supportive of the project.

Community Feedback:[edit]

Since the number of feedback collected from this community are very less, I am directly quoting the responses (with slight anonymization) below-

  1. User 1- Universal code of conduct seems a much-required thing for all the Wikimedia projects irrespective of any community or the number of people associated to any project.
  2. User 2- I convey my support for this. This will help to stop many on-wiki and off-wiki conflicts among the users, it will even help us to have a disciplined environment.
  3. User 3- As an female Indic Wikimedian all I can say, UCOC is the thing which I was looking for the past few years since I started contributing to my home Wikipedia. This will help many others like me.
  4. User 4- This project should include scopes of judgement to various real-time cases and community conflicts. The report should be strong enough to be implemented in every Wikimedia project. Enforcement should be strong.
  5. User 5- I have been working on women issues for many years. My experiences have told me that a universal code of conduct is necessary. My female editors face harsh comments and discrimination. Community members should communicate with each other in a civilized manner.