विश्वव्यापी आचार संहिता (युनिभर्सल कोड अफ कन्डक्ट)

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Universal Code of Conduct

विश्वव्यापी आचार संहिता (युसिओसी) कऽ उद्देश्य सम्पूर्ण विकिमिडिया अभियान आ एकर सम्पूर्ण परियोजनासभक लेल स्वीकार्य व्यवहारक एकटा सार्वभौमिक आधार रेखा प्रदान केनाए छी।

विश्वव्यापी आचार संहिता (युसिओसी) एकटा प्रमुख नीतिगत पहल छी जे विकिमिडिया २०३० सामुदायिक वार्ता आ रणनीति प्रक्रियासँ बाहर आएल छल। संसार भरिक विकिमिडियनसभ विकिमिडिया २०३० लक्ष्य प्राप्तिक लेल ई अभियानकेँ मार्गनिर्देशन करवाक लेल १० सिफारिससभ राखने अछि। ई सिफारिससभमे सँ एकटा, “सुरक्षा तथा सहभागिता प्रदान,” करवाक लेल आचार संहिता बनाबऽ लेल, युसिओसी समावेश अछि। युसिओसीकेँ समुदायमे भेल स्थानीय नीतिसभ, कार्यान्वयन आ द्वन्द समाधान संरचनासभ लगायत विकिमिडिया समुदायसँ परामर्श करि विकसित कएल जा रहल अछि। युसिओसी विकासक लेल कएल गेल पछिला सामुदायिक वार्तासभ एहि वार्ता पन्ना पर अछि।

युसिओसी परामर्श दुई चरणमे आयोजित कएल जाएत। पहिल चरण अन्तर्गत युसिओसीक प्रारूप केहन होएत ताहि लेल सन् २०२० जुनसँ दिसम्बरधरि समुदायसँ अनुसन्धान आ छलफल कएल गेल छल। एकर परिणामस्वरूप युसिओसी नीति आएल अछि, जे विकिमिडिया अभियानक सम्पूर्ण गतिविधिसभ उपर लागु होएत। विकिमिडिया फाउन्डेसन न्यासी समितिद्वारा सन् २०२१ फरबरी २ केँ दिन युसिओसीकेँ अनुमोदन करि पारित केनए छल। दोसर चरणमे युसिओसी नीतिकेँ केना कार्यान्वयन आ मस्यौदा प्रस्ताव करवाक सम्बन्धमे सामुदायिक वार्ता समावेश रहल अछि। ई आधिकारिक रूपमे सन् २०२१ फरबरीमे आरम्भ भेल।

Between 2018 and 2020, the Wikimedia 2030 strategy process invited volunteers to look at how to best guide the Wikimedia movement towards the future. Through working groups, online discussions, and in-person events around the world, 10 recommendations and principles were published in May 2020. One of these recommendations was to “Provide for Safety and Inclusion”:

We will establish Movement-wide standards for an inclusive, welcoming, safe, and harassment-free environment. This will enable us to better attract and retain new and diverse volunteers and grow as a movement.

A key part of this recommendation was to create a Code of Conduct, the UCoC. It aims to provide a "universal baseline of acceptable behavior for the entire movement without tolerance for harassment". Wikimedia communities work in highly varied contexts, and no code of conduct will be able to cover every situation and issue. If the Terms of Service are updated to include it, participants and local projects will be asked to follow and build upon the baseline established by the UCoC.

As per the Board of Trustees’ statement, there are two phases for the UCoC project. The first phase ("Phase 1") involved research, community and stakeholder dialogue, as well as a staff-appointed joint volunteer-staff committee that drafted the UCoC text proposal. The proposed text was submitted to the Board of Trustees for ratification on 13 October 2020. The Board announced the approved text on 2 February 2021.

The second phase ("Phase 2") of the project began on 2 February 2021, when the Board approved the draft UCoC text developed in Phase 1. The second phase of the project focuses on how to enforce the UCoC. As with the first phase, determining responsibilities and outlining clear enforcement pathways involves broad input from communities across the Wikimedia movement.

Current status

Content in this section is transcluded from the list of UCoC consultations. Please follow the timeline below for an overview of the UCoC process.

As part of Phase 2 of the process, there are multiple consultations with volunteers. The community consultations will inform the initial enforcement proposal draft and the draft before it is finalized.

Here is what is currently happening with the UCoC project:

Phase 2 of the UCoC project began with local language consultations. These were facilitated discussions with target language communities in discussion channels and platforms frequented by each of those communities. A comprehensive summary of these consultations was released in April 2021.

As our movement grows, community voices are needed to help shape the pathways to enforcing the UCoC that address the diverse needs of individual communities. The project team encourages communities to regularly share their experiences, ideas, and learnings with behavioral policies here on Meta, in consultations and discussions, or via email.


Universal Code of Conduct Phase 2 Timeline
Event/Milestone Date Status

Investigate key enforcement questions

Board of Trustees ratifies UCoC 2 February 2021 Done
Local community consultations (summary) Late January – March 2021 Done
Affiliate consultations Late February – April 2021 Ongoing
Functionary consultations April 2021 Done
On-wiki consultations April – May 2021 Ongoing
Targets of Harassment report April 2021 Upcoming

Create & approve enforcement proposal

Call for participation: Phase 2 drafting committee Late March – April 2021 Open!
Drafting committee: initial drafting May – July 2021 Upcoming
Draft enforcement proposals community consultations July – September 2021 Upcoming
Drafting committee: refine enforcement proposal October – November 2021 Upcoming
UCoC enforcement proposal submitted to Board of Trustees December 2021 Upcoming
Universal Code of Conduct Phase 1 Timeline
Event/Milestone Date Status

Early research and outreach

Publish a summary of local language consultations 15 June 2020 Done
Affiliate outreach: surveys and interviews June – July 2020 Done
Outreach to communities completed and feedback compiled July 2020 Done
Wikimedia Foundation staff survey completed and summarized July 2020 Done
Drafting Call for participation: drafting committee June 2020 Done
Drafting committee selected 17 July 2020 Done
Drafting committee: active drafting stage August – September 2020 Done
UCoC draft community comment period September – October 2020 Done
UCoC draft revised in light of community comments 6–12 October 2020 Done
UCoC draft delivered to Board of Trustees for review, with links to community comments 13 October 2020 Done

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