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University Students Wikimedians
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Country codeTZ
Official language(s)Swahili , English

Universty Students Wikimedians meetup June 2021

University Students Wikimedians is a user group of Wikimedia editors dedicated to promoting Wikimedia projects by involving mostly Secondary, College, and University Students in Tanzania. We also help, encourage and educate Swahili-speaking users and communities on the importance of open source, knowledge sharing, and other educational initiatives through our training and events which the group organizes. The group is open to membership by interested individuals with shared interests.


  • To promote Wikimedia projects
  • To promote editing of Wikipedia and other Wikimedia projects both in Swahili and other languages.
  • To engage and encourage more students to become contributors to the Wikimedia projects.
  • To organize in-person events for local community Wikipedians/Wikimedians by providing them with resources needed to enhance both their skills and ability for the development of the Wikimedia projects.


  • To conduct Wikipedia weekly and monthly meetups and grow a community of students from Tanzania
  • To establish Wikipedia clubs in different educational institutions.
  • Organizing Wikipedia edit-a-thons for students in Tanzania


The founding of University Students Wikimedians was initially brought up by Wikipedia enthusiasts Magoiga Mtatiro while participating in an edit-a-thon under Wikimedia Community User Group Tanzania in Dar es Salaam. The idea was then shared with some of the members of Wikimedia Community User Group Tanzania including the co-founder Antoni Mtavangu and all approved the idea to be a good initiative.

In 2019, the program was initiated as an experimental project in the Alfagems Secondary School in Morogoro: where the main aim was to learn and understand what would be the main interests of students and they would love the program to lead. The experimental program was driven from 2019 to May 2022 when the project was moved officially from experimental into full operations where the target was moved from secondary students to Colleges and Universities.

Events and Projects[edit]

Completed Events[edit]

University Students Wikimedians has conducted and participated successfully in the following events:

Current Events[edit]


Wiki4HumanRights will be a campaign focused on documenting Wikipedia on topics related to information around our Rights to Healthy Environment. We will be conducting the campaign in the Dodoma region.

Upcoming Events[edit]

To be Announced Soon...!

Grants Proposals[edit]

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Contact information[edit]

  • Magoiga Mtatiro


  • Awadh Mpogole


Interested in participating[edit]

All members interested in joining our community are all welcomed.