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This is a subpage of User:Gangleri created to list remarks about various Wikipedias. You can extract individual items and move them to places more appropriate to that subject. If you do so, I kindly ask you to insert links to the places, where those items have been moved. Please preserve the titels of the sections here. Thanks!

  • Please remember: There maight be related technical aspects, maintenance and organisatorical aspects, documentational aspects and issues related to easy guiding of newcommers / non freaks.
  • Please insert <strike> </strike> if issues are fixed. Thanks!
  • see also remarks about other Wikipedias: de, en, eo, ro
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link to [[w:ro:Discuţie Utilizator:Gangleri]] ~ [[w:ro:User_talk:Gangleri]][edit]

Note: The links will neither work in meta.wikipedia nor in en:wikipedia and eo:wikipedia (and maybe in some others).

reported as bugzilla:645; is a duplicate of bugzilla:563 Gangleri 20:05, 2004 Oct 9 (UTC)

InterWiki link translation[edit]

Note: Please note that inside en.wikipedia works properly. See w:en:User:Gangleri/remarks#proper link translation

reported as bugzilla:670 Gangleri 01:49, 10 Oct 2004 (UTC)

Category:InterWiki and / or Template:InterWiki[edit]

see also Talk:Interwiki map#Category:InterWiki and / or Template:InterWiki

broken HTML code[edit]

Invalid InterWiki links (list?)[edit]

Definition / Preliminary:

Note: Getting avare of an invalid InterWiki link could be browser / setup / configuration depending, somone can see the link and anotherone not. Using Status RESOLVED and Resolution WORKSFORME does not solve the problem.

  • should they be listed at the source Wikipedia and target Wikipedia?
  • should meta have a list about where these links are located?
  • should a section drop a note at meta be available, if the language can not be understoud?

  • should links to related known buzilla bugs (see section above) be included

Invalid links (lists)[edit]

Definition / Preliminary:

Note: many items from the section above aply, the distinction is only that these links are INSIDE a Wikipedia

  • many xx.wikipedia should have an equivalent to en:Wikipedia:Invalid links and all should be linked together
  • a list at meta should be available too
  • should a section drop a note at meta be available, if the language can not be understoud?
  • w:en:Wikipedia:Invalid article names added today: 21:45, 2004 Nov 9 (UTC)


  • Because of the existence of such links
    • it should be investigated how these links have been created, what version of the Wikimedia software was used at that time, what browsers where used by the visitors / authors, how to avoid this in the future
      • example: See [3] an entry created by en:User:Wiglaf
      • I contacted him and hope to get some feedback [4].
    • maybe a bot should detect the existing ones and liste them at known locations (mentioned in the new places)

Category:Wikipedia maintenance and / or Template:Wikipedia maintenance[edit]

Category:Wikipedia Syntax and / or Template:Wikipedia Syntax[edit]

  • ... most of the items from the maintenance section above applies

Cultural specific issues[edit]

indications about bibliographic item(s) (see Catalog)[edit]

differences regarding preview of new section / coment[edit]

It works (the title is displayed in the preview) if you edit an existing comment. Gangleri 21:33, 2004 Oct 11 (UTC)

about spam[edit]

  • I was thinking a lot about spam. At many User:xxxx pages I have seen full e-mail addresses witten as 'address@domain.extension (minimal variant). Writing address at domain dot extension is very common. What about using images a template {{email|address@domain.extension}} would allow to have a common en:look and feel. Gangleri 02:48, 2004 Oct 11 (UTC)

different InterWiki behaviour[edit]

w:ja:利用者:Gangleri#InterWiki, w:ru:Участник:Gangleri, w:ru:участник:Gangleri are working only in en.wikipedia and not in xx.wikipedia. Gangleri 01:41, 2004 Oct 23 (UTC)