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  • This user = Cross wiki self promotion + Cross wiki abuse + Cross wiki socking
  • Created more than 10 articles about himself in many wikis (ar/ko/arz/az/ca/el/et/fi/he/hr/ja/it/nl/ru/sh/sl/sq/uk) under wikidata item Q60643506 (+Q61929365)


  • علي أبو عمر (sock master)
  • Aboomar1996 (confirmed sock)
  • Guvenkirac (confirmed sock)
  • SaberRouleau (confirmed sock)
  • بوت أبو عمر (confirmed sock)
  • علي السليمان (confirmed sock)
  • Dimirtialexsimon (confirmed sock)
  • Alexsimon1980usa (confirmed sock)
  • Alex1980singapore (confirmed sock)
  • FuyukiTashiro (confirmed sock)
  • Alibuharamete (confirmed sock)
  • Ahmetoglu29 (confirmed sock)
  • Ahmetoglu (confirmed sock)
  • Amenali1990 (confirmed sock)
  • باسم المناع (confirmed sock)
  • Pedro777999 (confirmed sock)
  • Omar1990syrian (confirmed sock)
  • Basharahmad1980 (confirmed sock)
  • علي أوغلو (confirmed sock)
  • عمر بن علي (confirmed sock)
  • Aymenoglu (confirmed sock)
  • Omaraboomar (confirmed sock)
  • أحمد عمر علي (confirmed sock)
  • Vorican (confirmed sock)
  • עלי אל-סלימאן (confirmed sock)
  • Ahmadomar90 (confirmed sock)
  • Yenihesistanbul (confirmed sock)
  • Amekharofrish (confirmed sock)
  • Mhanadbouzid (confirmed sock)
  • Andrewturkish (confirmed sock)
  • أحمد عمر الصافي (confirmed sock)
  • Malayo1910 (confirmed sock)