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Status quo[edit]

  1. archive on (done) or (not done)-ish {{status}} value
  2. Pre-June 2018 value is around 3 days.

Changes after current bot is MIA[edit]

  1. SRAT is no longer operational and no new request should be archived there.
  2. SRAT request which was removed should be moved to SRP archive
  3. SRGP/AT is now working waiting for temporary global permissions.

New bot wishlist[edit]

  1. Archive SRG at faster speed - currently undecided between 'immediately-6 hours', but there's consensus for less than 24 hours.
  2. SRG - detect if the lockhide target has been locked, and mark as done if so
  3. SRP / SRGP / SRB - detect the permission grant/removal and close it with comment
  4. SRGP - notify users about their rights about to expire
  5. SRP - detect if there is active crat for admin/int-admin/crat request
  6. Other idea