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[[User:|]] ([[User talk:|meta talk]] • meta contribsdeleted meta contribswhat links to meta user pagemeta countmeta user page logsx-wikimeta statusGoogle)

  • Link labels explained:
    • "talk" -- User talk page on meta
    • "contribs" -- User contributions on meta
    • "deleted contribs" -- Deleted user contributions on meta (visible to meta admins only)
    • "what links to user page]" -- Pages linking to user's userpage on meta
    • "user page logs" -- logs of actions taken on meta user's account or user page including blocks
    • "status" -- Is the user an admin, bureaucrat, etc. on meta?
    • "Google" searches user name on Google. Template doesn't handle user names with spaces such as A. B. -- manual user name entry required in those cases.

  • This is for personal use; please ask before using.
    • If you forget to use "subst:", the last thing I want is some anonymous IP editor storming back to this user subpage wanting a piece of User:A. B. because the angry note you posted still said "{{User:A. B./UserSummary|A. B.}}" when he opened an edit window. Yikes!
    • If you like this page, why not just plagiarize it to a subpage of your own?

  • Note to self: always use "subst" !
    • {{subst:User:A. B./UserSummary|A. B.}}