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Week 17: 2019-12-09[edit]

Week 16: 2019-12-02[edit]

  • Note that the nowiki tag are helpful for documenting things like translate tags.
  • Completed open enrollment and surveys
  • Reviewed patches for Google Code-In
  • Helped Will create a comparison matrix for popular API spec formats
  • Finished content strategy doc for dev portal, shared with Evan and Kate
  • Reviewed service development proposal content from Eric (T239856)
  • Note taking for TechCom

Week 15: 2019-11-25[edit]

  • Moved Add includes/filebackend/README as generated documentation page into done
  • Note taking for TechCom
  • Looked at tasks for upcoming Google Code In mentorship tasks
  • Review for updates to the docs for the compare revisions endpoint and wikidfiff2 extension
  • Updated REST API docs for history count limits
  • Worked on content strategy for dev portal
  • Added comments to the dev portal prototype
  • Holidays on Thursday and Friday

Week 14: 2019-11-18[edit]

Week 13: 2019-11-11[edit]

  • Holiday on Monday
  • Updates to API integration test docs
    • Updated wiki page with REST API functionality
    • Moved content from the README to the wiki page
  • Updates to the REST API extension interface docs
    • Added new example content from the example extension
    • Met with Bill to review content
    • Made updates based on review feedback
  • Met with Dev Portal designer and provided new hierarchy and placeholder content

Week 12: 2019-11-04[edit]

Week 11: 2019-10-28[edit]

Week 10: 2019-10-21[edit]

Week 9: 2019-10-14[edit]

Week 8: 2019-10-07[edit]

Week 7: 2019-09-30[edit]

Week 6: 2019-09-23[edit]

Week 5: 2019-09-16[edit]

Week 4: 2019-09-09[edit]

  • MediaWiki Doxygen docs: submitted (first patch merged 🎉)
  • Met with Evan and Bill to review the REST API integration for MediaWiki extensions.
  • Met with Evan to review and clarify personas, use cases, and technologies for the doc portal.
  • Met with Andre
  • AFK on Wednesday

Week 3: 2019-09-02[edit]

Week 2: 2019-08-26[edit]

Week 1: 2019-08-19[edit]

First week at the Foundation!

  • Set up my accounts and user pages
  • Met with Kate, Evan, Bill, Will, and Eric
  • Started content review notes
  • Started doc portal notes

Looking forward: Objectives

  • Spread knowledge of how to use Wikimedia tools
  • Support the Core Platform Team in documenting the MediaWiki platform and related services
  • Practice plain, clear, effective, translatable Global English
  • Learn about decentralized project organization