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Quickstart: My currently assigned tasks


April - June 2024
  • Created a documentation site for AQS 2.0 in collaboration with KBach[1][2]
  • Completed usability improvements to the JSDoc WMF theme, releasing versions 1.0.0 and 1.1.0[3][4]
  • Completed the initial scope of clean-up work to improve the JSDoc documentation for MediaWiki core[5]
  • Successfully applied to Google Season of Docs as one of 11 accepted organizations out of 30+ applicants, hired a technical writer, and kicked off the project[6]
  • Participated in the Wikimedia hackathon in Tallinn
  • Continued to lead the Wikimedia Foundation Technical Documentation team, including supporting team members to advance critical projects, planning essential workstreams, and reporting on team work in Asana and on wiki
  • Held 3 appointments of documentation office hours within WMF
January - March 2024
  • Managed the completion of the migration of MediaWiki core to JSDoc, including auditing the docs for information parity, consistency, and usability, identifying follow-up work, designing a new homepage, and submitting 28 patches[7][8][9]
  • Identified improvements to information design and navigation in the JSDoc WMF theme, and managed their implementation, code review, and release, including submitting 27 patches, sharing project updates, and collecting community feedback[10][11][12]
  • Migrated the EventLogging extension to JSDoc to support Data Products[13][14]
  • Re-launched Wikimedia's participation in Google Season of Docs for the first time since 2020[15]
  • Presented an introduction to technical writing at the Wiki Mentor Africa Hackathon to 93 participants[16]
  • Continued to lead the Wikimedia Foundation Technical Documentation team, including supporting team members to advance critical projects, planning essential workstreams, and reporting on team work in Asana and on wiki[17]
  • Hosted 6 sessions of documentation office hours within WMF, and changed the process to an appointment-based system to accommodate more schedules
October - December 2023
  • Created, tested, and socialized a local development quickstart guide for MediaWiki, including support for multiple operating systems, to reduce complexity for new contributors by providing an alternative to using Docker-based environments[18]
  • Took on leadership of the JSDoc migration project, deciding on a path forward and facilitating significant progress towards improving the usability of the WMF theme and migrating MediaWiki core in just two months[19][20]
  • Continued to lead the Wikimedia Foundation Technical Documentation team, including supporting team members to advance critical projects and reporting on team work through hypothesis WE3.2.4, contributions to WE3.1.1, and an essential workstream
  • Supported the Developer Experience group by contributing to planning the first group offsite and providing content and feedback for the developer satisfaction survey
  • Continued to support documentation efforts for the AQS 2.0 project
  • Hosted 5 sessions of documentation office hours within WMF, averaging 1 person per session
July - September 2023
  • Started a project to update project pages on medawiki.org, including completing a content audit, project plan, and several page updates.[21]
  • Researched the status of MediaWiki help content on Meta-Wiki and published mw:Project:MediaWiki documentation on Meta-Wiki
  • Created an initial set of team practices, processes, values, and documentation for the Wikimedia Foundation Tech Docs team.[22]
  • Acted as the team lead for the Tech Docs team, representing the team to Wikimedia Foundation leadership and providing project management support for team projects.
  • Acted as an advisor for 4 projects within the Tech Docs team.
  • Provided documentation support for the AQS 2.0 project and the MediaWiki frontend stable interface policy.
  • Hosted 6 sessions of documentation office hours within WMF, averaging 1 person per session.
April - June 2023
  • Established the Technical Documentation Team as part of the reorganization of the Product and Technology departments[23], and participated in the annual planning process
  • Created documentation strategy and API docs for AQS 2.0 services[24][25] and RESTBase deprecation[26]
  • Implemented structural changes in the API Portal to support multiple APIs[27]
  • Created documentation and tools to support API documentation[28]
  • Researched documentation types and templates, and published a decision record template[29]
  • Hosted 6 sessions of documentation office hours within WMF, averaging 1 person per session
January - March 2023
  • Published new API Portal information architecture to Phabricator, and advocated for its adoption[30]
  • Administered the API Portal, including adding an API, responding to feedback, reviewing 5 patches, and submitting 2 patches.
  • Started adding API docs guidance to the Documentation pages on mediawiki.org[31]
  • Improved docs and docs workflows for AQS 2.0 [32]
  • Supported the Developer Portal, including reviewing patches, submitting patches, and setting up pageview statistics
  • Published v2 of the development policy governance proposal and requested feedback from stakeholders[33]
  • Hosted 7 sessions of documentation office hours within WMF, averaging 1 person per session
  • Prototyped a training and set of tools for writing for multilingual communication, and started sharing for feedback[34]
October - December 2022
  • Designed a new information architecture for the API Portal, aligned with the overall strategy for the API Platform, and started prototyping.
  • Created a proposal for governing development policies, and shared it with 12 stakeholders.
  • Designed and implemented a new information architecture for the Architecture Repository.[35]
  • Provided editing support for system architecture documents.
  • Helped facilitate a "documentathon" with WMF Data Engineering, Analytics, and Research.
  • Held twice-monthly documentation office hours within WMF, averaging one person per session.
July - September 2022
  • Completed initial research into writing for multilingual communication, including case studies, tool evaluation, and recommendations for user tests.[36]
  • Researched, implemented, and documented an API documentation toolchain for AQS 2.0[37]
  • Onboarded a new API Platform product manager and designed a new information architecture for the API Portal
  • Provided editing support for system architecture artifacts[38]
  • Worked with the Architecture Team to plan a refresh of the Architecture Repository[39]
  • Held twice-monthly documentation office hours within WMF, averaging two people per session
April - June 2022
  • Launched the Developer Portal two weeks ahead of deadline with 100% translation in three languages other than English[40]
  • Created 39 patches for the Developer Portal, adding 5,820 lines and removing 3,547 lines[41]
  • Reviewed 28 patches for the Developer Portal[42]
  • Conducted 5 user tests and assisted with note-taking on 4 other user tests using a diverse pool of participants in partnership with Design Research[43]
  • Published first version of documentation patterns and toolkit based on review process used during the KR1 project[44][45]
  • Attending the (virtual) Write the Docs conference[46]
  • Participated in the CommTech and Wikimedia hackathons
  • Conducted two interviews to support hiring a new tech writer, and assisted with onboarding
  • Held twice-monthly documentation office hours within WMF, averaging two people per session
January - March 2022
  • Created and merged 16 patches for the Dev Portal, adding 861 lines and removing 930 lines, including content, structure, design, macros, and templates[47]
  • Reviewed 16 patches, mostly for the Dev Portal[48]
  • Graded 9 candidate writing samples to support hiring two tech writing positions
  • Implemented a lightweight work tracking process for the Architecture Team[49]
  • Acted as advisor for Project Pralekhan[50]
  • Continued to support the API Portal and API Platform team
  • Held twice-monthly documentation office hours within WMF, averaging two people per session
October - December 2021
  • Iterated on Developer Portal design and content strategy, evolving the project from v1 to v4
  • Facilitated an evaluation and consensus-based decision making process to select the tech stack for the Developer Portal[51] and get a demo up on Toolforge[52]
  • Operationalized the key docs review process, completing three key doc updates and leading the team to complete 100% of their target
  • Onboarded new tech writer to make valuable contributions to KR1 The Docs project in three weeks
  • Created content for two MVP versions of the API catalog, including drafting documentation for the Backstage API catalog[53][54][55]
  • Contributed to architecture domain modeling and executive overview presentation
  • Acted as grant advisor for Project Pralekhan
  • Completed my targeted 10 hours of professional development time
  • Produced a proposal for a centralized tech docs team at WMF
  • Edited docs and marketing content for Wikimedia Enterprise launch
  • Held twice-monthly documentation office hours within WMF, averaging two people per session
July - September 2021
  • Created an information architecture and initial design for the Developer Portal, taking the project from v0 to v1
  • Developed a set of user personas[56] and a live, Vue-based prototype[57] to enable user testing for the Developer Portal
  • Created a standardization process for key docs linked to from the Developer Portal[58][59]
  • Redefined the scope of the API Portal and facilitated knowledge sharing to spin up the new API Platform team
  • Helped build the practice of user-centered writing and user testing in the Architecture team
  • Attended virtual Wikimania and API Specifications conferences
  • Participated in the hiring panel for a technical writer position at WMF
  • Held twice-monthly documentation office hours within WMF, averaging three people per session
April - June 2021
  • 168 edits to mediawiki.org[60]
  • Virtual All Hands!
  • Virtual Write the Docs and editathon!
  • Virtual Hackathon!
  • Facilitated the creation of the knowledge store data model, a key component of the target architecture[61][62][63]
  • Made usability improvements to the Architecture Repository[64][65]
  • Continued support for the API Portal, including content updates, user support, product management support, bug reporting, and onboarding a new docs contributor[66][67]
  • Effectively socialized my API docs proposal and was successful in getting that work scheduled for next quarter
  • Helped write a documentation-related org-level KR for documentation for next quarter and started project management support for it[68]
  • Held twice-monthly documentation office hours within WMF, averaging 1 person per session
  • Participated in a complete hiring process, from drafting interview questions to onboarding
  • Experimented with VuePress and automated testing for documentation[69][70][71]
January - March 2021


  • 264 edits to mediawiki.org [72]
  • 8 patches merged (XS and S, five different codebases including mediawiki-config and Extension:OAuth) [73]
  • 1 patch reviewed and +2ed [74]

API Portal

  • Resolved last remaining bugs, passed all end-to-end tests, and officially completed the MVP
  • 20 tasks opened[75]
  • 29 tasks closed[76]
  • Closed 10 tasks assigned to me[77]
  • Handed off product management of the API Portal[78]
  • Created a proposal for API Portal reference docs[79]
  • Created workflow process for components[80]
  • Reviewed all edits and responded to all talk page posts
  • Added docs for two new endpoints[81]


  • Contributed to Phoenix UI and docs[82]
  • Created Architecture Repository on mediawki.org[83]
  • Created communications process for the team[84]
October - December 2020


  • 44 edits to mediawiki.org [85]
  • 7 patches merged (3 XS, 2 S, 2 M) [86]
  • 22 patches reviewed [87]
  • 15 patches +2’d

API Portal

  • Opened 52 tasks [88]
  • Closed 64 tasks [89]
  • Closed 26 tasks assigned to me [90]
  • Completed private launch and soft launch
  • Conducted 9 user tests
  • Continued to maintain sprint logs and project plan


  • Completed co-mentorship for Google Season of Docs
  • Co-hosted a Friends of the Docs meetup
July - September 2020


  • 250 edits to mediawiki.org[91]
  • 13 patches merged (1 L, 2 S, rest XS)[92]
  • 14 patches reviewed[93]
  • 2 patches +2’d
  • 3 TechCom meetings facilitated
  • Attended the API Specifications Conference[94]


  • Started building out architecture docs on mediawiki.org[95]

User research and outreach

  • Hosted Wikimedia session at Write the Docs “Portland” writing day[96]
  • Hosted two meetings of Wikimedia Friends of the Docs[97]
  • Acted as co-mentor and co-administrator for Google Season of Docs[98]

API Portal

  • Opened 83 tasks[99]
  • Closed 60 tasks[100]
  • Closed 26 tasks assigned to me[101]
  • Completed design validation for skin[102]
  • Completed acceptance testing for extension[103]
  • Sent two project digests[104]
  • Maintained a list of tasks across team members for five, two-week sprints, including which tasks were closed during each sprint[105]
  • Developed style for reference docs[106]
April - June 2020


  • 488 edits to mediawiki.org (including sandbox pages)
  • 4 patches merged (2 XS, 1 S, and 1 XL)
  • 8 patches reviewed
  • First +2 (MediaWiki Core docs)
  • Found my first bug
  • Facilitation for 6 TechCom meetings
  • Guest on Between the Brackets podcast


  • Joined the Wikimedia Foundation Architecture Team
  • Information design for architecture maturity model on mediawiki.org[107]
  • Supported planning for architecture documentation strategy

User research and outreach

  • Rough version of a documentation metrics dashboard[108]
  • Data analysis for "Was this documentation helpful?" gadget[109]
  • Presented to the first meeting of Wikimedia Friends of the Docs[110]
  • Mentor and co-administrator for Google Season of Docs[111]
  • Launched weekly documentation office hours to support Foundation teams (12 sessions starting April 14)

Development of docs for the MediaWiki REST API

  • Published docs for 11 endpoints (100% of endpoints in v1)[112]
  • Tested and published 45 code samples (100% of endpoints have code samples in curl, PHP, Python, and JavaScript)
  • Conducted three usability tests
  • Improved maintainability by reducing content length by 56% [113]
  • Published two tutorials[114][115]

Documentation support for new hooks system

  • Edited doc comments for 446 hooks[116]
  • Managed doc updates for new system[117]
  • Updated MediaWikiHook template for new system[118]
  • Doxygen config updates to support hook docs[119]

API Portal

  • Completed design approval process with WMF design team
  • UI and UX development[120]
  • Took on role of product owner
  • Managed the project plan, workflows, and content strategy[121]
  • 13 check-ins with HalloWelt
  • Opened 25 tasks (Closed 8)[122]
  • Demoed the prototype at CPT demo meeting
  • Created the API Gateway stakeholders Google Group and sent two API Portal project digests[123]
January - March 2020
  • Completed collaboration with contract designer, Liz, on Developer Portal design
  • Started hooks doc comment review project
  • Drafted the documentation plan for the API Gateway
  • Forked the Developer Portal prototype to create the API Gateway prototype
  • Tech docs offsite
  • Facilitation for TechCom
  • Evaluated two tools for automated API documentation
  • Wrote four MediaWiki REST API examples as Jupyter Notebooks
  • Participated in the Onboarding Working Group
  • Documented 8 new endpoints of the MediaWiki REST API
  • Attended Wikimedia All Hands
  • Researched improvements to the OAuth docs
October - December 2019
  • Refreshed onboarding docs for Wikimedia Engineering and CPT
  • Developed content strategy for Developer Portal project and worked with designer to implement UI/UX
  • Published docs for MediaWiki API integration tests
  • Developed docs for MediaWiki Core REST API history endpoints and extension interface
  • Mentor for Google Code-In
  • Facilitation for TechCom
  • CPT remote offsite
August - September 2019
  • Onboarding
  • Developed docs for MediaWiki API integration tests
  • Minor fixes for MediaWiki Doxygen docs
  • Drafted user personas for documentation


2023-2024 Q4

Week 1: 2024-04-01[edit]

  • Kicked off a project to complete the AQS 2.0 user docs, including writing a project plan, creating a tracking spreadsheet, and syncing with the development team
  • Opened several fixes for the JSDoc WMF theme
  • Continued work on JSDoc cleanup in MediaWiki core

Week 2: 2024-04-08[edit]

  • Wrote a decision record for the approach to the AQS user docs
  • Announced that WMF was accepted into Google Season of Docs for 2024
  • Completed pre-release testing for the JSDoc WMF theme in preparation for the v1.0 release, and identified two issues

Week 3: 2024-04-15[edit]

  • Released v1.0 of the JSDoc WMF theme
  • Opened patches to implement custom landing pages in MediaWiki core and to implement consistent class descriptions
  • Finalized the style guide for the AQS user docs

Week 4: 2024-04-22[edit]

  • Designed an information architecture for the AQS user docs
  • Code review and task management for JSDoc

Week 5: 2024-04-29[edit]

  • Participated in the Wikimedia hackathon in Tallinn
  • Code review and features for the JSDoc WMF theme

Week 6: 2024-05-07[edit]

  • Selected a technical writer for this year's Season of Docs project, and sent announcements
  • Code review for the JSDoc WMF theme

Week 7: 2024-05-13[edit]

  • Kicked off the Season of Docs project with the technical writer
  • Added placeholder content for the AQS docs site, and shared with the Data Products team for early feedback
  • Code review for JSDoc WMF theme

Week 8: 2024-05-20[edit]

  • Worked on organizing documentation for jQuery plugins in MediaWiki core into modules
  • Started work on updating OpenAPI specs for AQS services to comply with the style guide

Week 9: 2024-05-28[edit]

  • Worked on code review and OpenAPI spec updates for AQS
  • Prepared a presentation on tech docs questions in the developer satisfaction survey
  • Out of office most of the week

Week 10: 2024-06-03[edit]

  • Completed OpenAPI spec updates for AQS
  • Completed work on documentation for jQuery plugin modules in MediaWiki core
  • Admin work for Season of Docs

Week 11: 2024-06-10[edit]

  • Worked on writing content for the AQS docs site
  • Completed code review for migrating CollaborationKit to JSDoc

Week 12: 2024-06-17[edit]

  • Completed content pages for the AQS docs site, and shared the site with the Data Products team for review
  • Planned a lightweight user research program for the AQS docs site, conducted three interviews, and processed notes
  • Code review for the JSDoc WMF theme in preparation for the v1.1.0 release

Week 13: 2024-06-24[edit]

  • Released v1.1.0 of the JSDoc WMF theme, updated upstream projects, and documented new features
  • Iterated on the AQS docs site in response to feedback

Week 14: 2024-07-01[edit]

  • Completed iterations on AQS docs site, and redirected old docs
  • Added Commons Analytics to the AQS docs site
  • Out of office Thursday and Friday
2023-2024 Q3

Week 1: 2024-01-02[edit]

  • Out of office

Week 2: 2024-01-08[edit]

  • Out of office
  • Reviewed results of the developer satisfaction survey

Week 3: 2024-01-15[edit]

  • Completed the project outcomes writeup for the MediaWiki local development quickstart, officially completing the project
  • Presented an introduction to technical writing at the Wiki Mentor Africa Hackathon

Week 4: 2024-01-22[edit]

  • Researched JSDoc WMF theme functionality, and submitted two fixes
  • Released a new version of the theme
  • Updated the AQS 2.0 documentation plan to reflect the current project goals

Week 5: 2024-01-29[edit]

  • Researched NPM security warnings for the JSDoc WMF theme
  • Investigated bugs and priority enhancements for the JSDoc WMF theme

Week 6: 2024-02-05[edit]

  • Submitted several patches for JS documentation improvements in MediaWiki core
  • Opened several bugs and enhancement tasks for the JSDoc WMF theme
  • Designed a new landing page for the Metrics Platform docs on Wikitech

Week 7: 2024-02-13[edit]

  • Scoped a proposed set of tasks for the remaining work to release v1.0 of the JSDoc WMF theme, and reviewed with the JSDoc migration team
  • Worked on a new, curated approach for the MediaWiki core JSDoc homepage

Week 8: 2024-02-19[edit]

  • Published an updated JSDoc homepage for MediaWiki core
  • Submitted two patches to the JSDoc WMF theme
  • Migrated the EventLogging extension to JSDoc
  • Created the project page for Wikimedia's participation in Google Season of Doc

Week 9: 2024-02-26[edit]

  • Launched Wikimedia's participation in Season of Docs, and started reviewing applications
  • Submitted four patches to the JSDoc WMF theme
  • Migrated @cfg tags in MediaWiki Core to JSDoc

Week 10: 2024-03-04[edit]

  • JSDoc project management and bug tracking
  • Submitted ten patches to JSDoc in MediaWiki core, including migrating @mixin tags
  • Proposed an update to the MediaWiki JavaScript coding conventions for JSDoc and ES5 classes
  • Released a new version of the WMF JSDoc theme, and sent a project update to wikitech-l

Week 11: 2024-03-11[edit]

  • Completed auditing the MediaWiki core JSDoc site for information parity with JSDuck, and identified follow-up work
  • Set up a system for custom plugins in the JSDoc WMF theme
  • Submitted two patches to JSDoc in MediaWiki core

Week 12: 2024-03-18[edit]

  • Completed the final phase of the MediaWiki core JSDoc audit, and identified follow-up work
  • Submitted 10 patches to the JSDoc WMF theme
  • Opened 2 patches to JSDoc in MediaWiki core
  • JSDoc project management and bug tracking

Week 13: 2024-03-25[edit]

  • Set up a demo of the new navigation design for the JSDoc WMF theme, and shared with communities for feedback
  • JSDoc WMF theme and MediaWiki core code review
  • Submitted six patches to the JSDoc WMF theme
  • Updated the JSDoc wiki page on mediawiki.org
2023-2024 Q2

Week 1: 2023-10-02[edit]

  • Completed revisions to the MediaWiki frontend stable interface policy
  • Submitted a project for the WMF annual plan goals to document a quickstart process for a MediaWiki dev environment, and started research on it

Week 2: 2023-10-10[edit]

  • Published a project plan for the MediaWiki local quickstart to Phabricator[124]
  • Gathered feedback for the MediaWiki local quickstart project
  • Created a roadmap for the Tech Docs Team's projects, and started weekly essential work reporting in WMF Asana

Week 3: 2023-10-16[edit]

  • Published notes about MediaWiki development environments on wiki[125]
  • Reviewed patches and updated docs for AQS 2.0

Week 4: 2023-10-23[edit]

  • Worked with the Tech Docs Team to develop documentation-related survey questions for the upcoming developer satisfaction survey
  • Tested the MediaWiki quickstart workflow on multiple platforms, published a draft on wiki, and collected initial feedback[126]
  • Reviewed patches for the Developer Portal and organized a deployment of the site

Week 5: 2023-10-30[edit]

  • Tested the MediaWiki quickstart workflow on Windows and updated the doc
  • Found a bug in the MediaWiki install script on Windows and submitted a patch to fix it
  • Reviewed patches for AQS 2.0

Week 6: 2023-11-06[edit]

  • Wrote up recommendations for the JSDoc migration project and shared with stakeholders
  • Finalized the draft of the MediaWiki quickstart, updated the project plan, and requested final review

Week 7: 2023-11-13[edit]

  • Completed edits to MediaWiki local development quickstart guide and moved it out of my user page
  • Contributed to planning for the Developer Experience group offsite in December
  • Facilitated Tech Docs taking on ownership of the API demos repository

Week 8: 2023-11-20[edit]

  • Out of office Thursday and Friday
  • Shared the MediaWiki local development quickstart guide for feedback on the parent task and the MediaWiki.org village pump
  • Drafted a strategy document for the Tech Docs team for next fiscal year, per management request

Week 9: 2023-11-27[edit]

  • Updated docs about the JSDoc migration on wiki pages and Phabricator tasks, and drafted an announcement for the project
  • Reviewed feedback on the MediaWiki local development quickstart
  • Provided feedback on the developer satisfaction survey

Week 10: 2023-12-04[edit]

  • Attended an offsite with the Developer Experience group
  • Announced the JSDoc migration project on wikitech-l and the MediaWiki.org village pump, requesting feedback on the docs and the theme
  • Worked with frontend engineers on migrating MediaWiki core to JSDoc

Week 11: 2023-12-11[edit]

  • Participated in the WMF-internal MediaWiki CodeJam, including presenting the progress on the JSDoc migration project at the showcase
  • Started work on fixing on-wiki links to point to the new MediaWiki JSDoc site

Week 12: 2023-12-18[edit]

  • Released a new version of the JSDoc theme and applied it to the MediaWiki core docs, including the theme improvements completed during CodeJam and release instructions
  • Project management for the JSDoc migration: updating the project plan, opening tasks, and resolving tasks
  • Updated the local development quickstart guide with feedback from the talk page, removed the experimental banner, and incorporated the page into the MediaWiki development setup landing page
  • Published end-of-quarter history
2023-2024 Q1

Week 1: 2023-07-03[edit]

  • Out of office on Monday and Tuesday
  • Shared team practices work with the team for feedback and published processes to Office Wiki
  • Facilitated team discussion about the top-level collection map

Week 2: 2023-07-10[edit]

  • Kicked off project to update mediawiki.org project pages, and started content audit
  • Completed definition of team lead responsibilities
  • Project management, code review, and feedback

Week 3: 2023-07-17[edit]

  • Code review for AQS 2.0 docs patches
  • Created team interface pages on office wiki
  • Attended management meetings, and drafted hypothesis for team contributions to the annual plan

Week 4: 2023-07-24[edit]

  • Completed ongoing maintenance tasks process for team practices project
  • Updated decision record template with two versions, and conducted a user test
  • Provided feedback on the frontend stable interface policy

Week 5: 2023-07-31[edit]

  • Code review for AQS 2.0 and MediaWiki patches
  • Completed content audit for mediawiki.org project pages

Week 6: 2023-08-07[edit]

Week 7: 2023-08-14[edit]

  • Completed the scope and project plan for the mediawiki.org project pages update
  • Wrote and shared a summary of Tech Docs plans for the Signals and Data Services bucket of the Wikimedia Foundation annual plan
  • Out of office on Thursday and Friday

Week 8: 2023-08-21[edit]

  • Cleaned up references to importing MediaWiki help content from Meta on mediawiki.org[127]
  • Clarified references to GFDL on mediawiki.org[128]
  • Planned and facilitated a workshop to brainstorm a set of team values[129]

Week 9: 2023-08-28[edit]

  • Synthesized and published team values[130]
  • Completed the team practices project, and wrote a retrospective
  • Facilitated a decision-making process within the team to evaluate an opportunity to take ownership of the doc.wikimedia.org platform
  • Published a page and proposal for documenting gadget use on mediawiki.org[131]

Week 10: 2023-09-05[edit]

  • Researched category organization on mediawiki.org, started updates to mw:Project:Categories, and did minor related cleanup[132]
  • Connected with team working on data governance to integrate tech doc advising
  • Started brainstorming for hybrid event processes

Week 11: 2023-09-11[edit]

  • Completed reviews for Pywikibot docs updates and documentation metric dashboard
  • Re-organized wikitech:AQS 2.0 and added new content
  • Completed additions to mw:Project:Categories and requested feedback

Week 12: 2023-09-18[edit]

  • Out of office

Week 13: 2023-09-25[edit]

  • Project management for Tech Docs team projects
  • Editing support for the MediaWiki frontend stable interface policy
  • Planning for MediaWiki contributing docs projects
2022-2023 Q4

Week 1: 2023-04-03[edit]

  • Worked on training and writeup for writing for multilingual communication
  • Contributed to organizational planning and updates

Week 2: 2023-04-10[edit]

Week 3: 2023-04-17[edit]

  • Participated in hypotheses crafting for the annual planning processes
  • Drafted and shared suggested edits to the Terms of Use update

Week 4: 2023-04-25[edit]

  • Updated API docs for Device Analytics
  • Added to tool documentation on mw:Documentation/API_documentation
  • Updated Language_guides with links to more language guides
  • Received news that we'll be forming a Wikimedia Foundation Technical Documentation Team

Week 5: 2023-05-01[edit]

  • Participated in hypothesis week for annual planning
  • Provided editing support for architecture artifacts and metrics platform documentation
  • Updated code samples in response to Pythons requests issue

Week 6: 2023-05-08[edit]

  • Worked on training and writeup for writing for plain language
  • Created AQS documentation plan to fit project plan

Week 7: 2023-05-15[edit]

  • Reviewed and updated metrics API docs in RESTBase[135]
  • Implemented version control system for API spec reader[136]

Week 8: 2023-05-22[edit]

  • Documented page analytics API[137]
  • Wrote a decision record for the API spec reader[138]

Week 9: 2023-05-29[edit]

  • Worked on API documentation tooling issues for AQS 2.0 services
  • Worked on API Portal strategy and management

Week 10: 2023-06-05[edit]

  • Worked on setup and practices for the Tech Docs Team
  • Created a plan for deprecating Architecture Team docs on wiki[139]

Week 11: 2023-06-12[edit]

  • Updated API Portal structure and content to support multiple APIs
  • Created a decision record template and shared for feedback[140]
  • Completed deprecating Architecture Team docs on wiki

Week 12: 2023-06-19[edit]

  • Code review and patch updates for AQS 2.0 API documentation
  • Created plan for API docs for RESTBase deprecation project[141]
  • Worked on team practices

Week 13: 2023-06-26[edit]

2022-2023 Q3

Week 1: 2023-01-03[edit]

  • Completed quarter-in-review materials for Q2
  • Researched coverage of skins in MediaWiki developer docs[142]

Week 2: 2023-01-09[edit]

  • Completed updates based on research into coverage of skins in MediaWiki developer docs
  • Researched accessibility and translation issues relating to writing for multilingual communication

Week 3: 2023-01-17[edit]

  • Completed API Portal content map[143]
  • Updated the API Portal docs on Wikitech, reviewed an API Portal patch, and opened a patch to resolve a build failure

Week 4: 2023-01-23[edit]

  • Created a strategy document for technical documentation work for next fiscal year
  • Analyzed efficacy of translated text from the Universal Code of Conduct project

Week 5: 2023-01-30[edit]

  • Published high-level docs content map[144]
  • Published new API Portal content strategy to Phabricator[145]

Week 6: 2023-02-06[edit]

  • Submitted patch to resolve API Portal issue[146]
  • Out of office

Week 7: 2023-02-13[edit]

  • Requested approval for the new API Portal content strategy[147]
  • Created user journey flow diagrams for the API Portal[148]
  • Published an example of an API page[149]

Week 8: 2023-02-20[edit]

  • Created a tool in Toolforge to view OpenAPI specs with RapiDoc[150]
  • Participated in the API value stream demo presentation and tech department meeting

Week 9: 2023-02-27[edit]

  • Drafted content for Documentation/API documentation page on mediawiki.org
  • Processed a request to add docs to the API Portal
  • Drafted content for v2 of the development policy governance proposal

Week 10: 2023-03-06[edit]

  • Opened a patch to add pageview statistic to the Developer Portal[151]
  • Onboarded Lift Wing team as contributors to the API Portal
  • Organized docs tasks for AQS 2.0 on wiki and opened a patch for automating the docs build[152]

Week 11: 2023-03-13[edit]

  • Published the first version of Documentation/API documentation[153]
  • Set up local API Portal development environment and reviewed a patch[154]
  • Published v2 of the development policy governance proposal[155]

Week 12: 2023-03-20[edit]

  • Published notes on writing related to accessibility[156]
  • Conducted a content audit of wiki pages related to writing for multilingual communication[157]
  • Provided edits and feedback for the Lift Wing docs in the API Portal

Week 13: 2023-03-26[edit]

  • Requested feedback from stakeholders (via Phabricator, email, and on wiki) on the updated proposal for managing development policies
  • Collaborated with Device Analytics developers on a strategy for generating and deploying API docs. Merged make docs command into the codebase. Reached consensus on an approach for deploying API specs[158]
  • Created and shared prototypes for writing for multilingual communication[159]
2022-2023 Q2

1-2 main areas of focus per week

Week 1: 2022-10-03[edit]

  • Worked with the AQS 2.0 team to demo and discuss API docs tooling.
  • Published Q1 updates to the wiki page for Writing for Multilingual Communication.[160]

Week 2: 2022-10-11[edit]

  • Worked on proposal for development policy governance.
  • Planned for documentation editathon with WMF Data Engineering.

Week 3: 2022-10-17[edit]

  • Completed initial proposal for development policy governance, and shared with a small group for feedback.
  • Reviewed proposal for Pywikibot content improvements.

Week 4: 2022-10-24[edit]

  • Incorporated feedback on the proposal for development policy governance, and shared for additional feedback.
  • Provided editing support for system architecture analysis document.

Week 5: 2022-10-31[edit]

  • Started notes on a new information architecture for the API Portal.
  • Helped facilitate a documentation editathon with Data Engineering.

Week 6: 2022-11-07[edit]

  • Completed initial information architecture for the API Portal, and discussed with Product Manager.
  • Provided editing support for system architecture analysis document.

Week 7: 2022-11-14[edit]

  • Created a condensed version of WMF Architecture's process document.
  • Planned interview questions for Staff Architect position, and started interviews.

Week 8: 2022-11-21[edit]

  • Designed and prototyped a refresh of the Architecture Repository, and shared with the team for feedback.
  • Reviewed introduction to Wikimedia technical ecosystem document.

Week 9: 2022-11-28[edit]

  • Completed interviews for Staff Architect position.
  • Drafted list of tech docs stakeholders for WMF Engineering Enablement strategy process.

Week 10: 2022-12-05[edit]

  • Started a content map for the API Portal and prototypes of an API page and an API design doc template.
  • Reached consensus with the AQS 2.0 team to formally adopt the API docs tooling we've been evaluating. Opened a patch to resolve issues with the Unique Devices API docs.[161]

Week 11: 2022-12-12[edit]

  • Completed the refresh of the Architecture Repository, including creating, moving, and updating content.
  • Participated in an API Platform strategy discussion, and worked on the API Portal content map.

Week 12: 2022-12-19[edit]

  • Provided editing support for system architecture documents.
  • Reviewed MediaWiki core concepts document.
2022-2023 Q1

Note: I've made these lists more concise, focusing on progress made in main areas of work.

Week 1: 2022-07-18[edit]

  • Caught up on email and meetings after returning from vacation
  • Reviewed Dev Portal patch to fix Twitter cards[162]
  • Started research on writing for multilingual communication

Week 2: 2022-07-25[edit]

  • Worked on decision record for development policy governance[163]
  • Provided editing support for architecture system analysis

Week 3: 2022-08-01[edit]

  • Provided editing support for architecture system analysis[164]
  • Started research into decision record pattern

Week 4: 2022-08-08[edit]

  • Met with new API product manager and worked on new API portal content strategy
  • Worked on case studies for writing for multilingual communication

Week 5: 2022-08-15[edit]

  • Audited current content in the Architecture Repository and discussed next steps with the team
  • Provided editing support for architecture team proposal document
  • Celebrating my three-year anniversary of working at WMF

Week 6: 2022-08-22[edit]

  • Worked on API Platform knowledge transfer for new product manager
  • Started research on AQS 2.0 docs
  • Worked on content refresh for the Architecture Repository
  • Worked on decision record pattern
  • Reviewed slides from US Federal Plain Language Summit[165]

Week 7: 2022-08-29[edit]

  • Worked on AQS 2.0 docs research and wrote a script to scrape endpoints from AQS source code [166]
  • Reviewed API platform project docs

Week 8: 2022-09-06[edit]

  • Worked on case studies for writing for multilingual communication
  • Worked on AQS 2.0 documentation
  • Started participated in WMF Core Skills Program

Week 9: 2022-09-12[edit]

  • Worked on implementation of Swag and RapiDoc for AQS 2.0

Week 10: 2022-09-19[edit]

  • Completed initial implementation of Swag and RapiDoc for AQS 2.0 [167][168]
  • Completed proposal for Architecture Repository refresh[169]

Week 11: 2022-09-26[edit]

  • Started end-of-quarter retrospective notes
  • Reviewed Dev Portal patch[170]
  • Wrote up findings from research into writing for multilingual communication
2021-2022 Q4

Week 13: 2022-06-27[edit]

  • Published Q4 log to history page
  • Reviewed two patches for the Dev Portal
  • Wrote ITC responses for Q4
  • Reviewed product development playbook
  • Participated in Dev Portal retrospective
  • Out of office on Friday

Week 12: 2022-06-20[edit]

  • Holiday on Monday, out sick on Thursday
  • Prepared retrospective agenda, exercise board, and project timeline for KR1
  • Reviewed and updated patch for adding meta tags to Dev Portal, created a graphic to use in meta cards
  • Created slides for Dev Portal presentation at tech department meeting

Week 11: 2022-06-13[edit]

Week 10: 2022-06-06[edit]

Week 9: 2022-05-31[edit]

  • Held last KR1 sync meeting before launch, scheduled retro for the end of the month
  • Wrapped up final changes for the Dev Portal
  • Wrote up a starting doc for tech writers for next fiscal year
  • Completed a key doc review
  • Started work on productionizing the review template

Week 8: 2022-05-23[edit]

  • Attended (virtual) Write the Docs conference [171]
  • Reviewed patches to support final stages of Dev Portal translation integration
  • Added content strategy Dev Portal docs on mediawiki.org and organized pages [172]

Week 7: 2022-05-16[edit]

  • Fixed a typo in the footer of the API Portal and updated the docs [173]
  • Worked on key doc reviews to support KR1
  • Documented, reviewed, and updated styles in the Dev Portal [174]
  • Participated in the Wikimedia Hackathon, and presented ToolDocs (with live demo!) in the showcase

Week 6: 2022-05-09[edit]

  • Finished preparing the Dev Portal for translation
  • Participated in CommTech hackathon project to create Read the Docs for Toolforge [175][176]
  • Started on remaining Dev Portal tasks to do before launch

Week 5: 2022-05-02[edit]

  • Analyzed Dev Portal user testing feedback and scoped changes to implement in the short term and long term [177]
  • Started implementing changes based on user testing feedback
  • Facilitated KR1 check-in meeting
  • Met with design research about user testing feedback analysis

Week 4: 2022-04-25[edit]

Week 3: 2022-04-18[edit]

Week 2: 2022-04-11[edit]

Week 1: 2022-04-04[edit]

2021-2022 Q3

Week 13: 2022-03-28[edit]

  • Held documentation office hours
  • Submitted patch for update to Dev Portal content reuse journey and responded to review feedback
  • Discussed next steps on Architecture Repository
  • Copy editing for Wikifunctions
  • Worked on patch for update to Dev Portal contribute journey
  • Planned OKRs for KR1 for Q4
  • Added to the troubleshooting section of the Dev Portal docs on Wikitech
  • Co-hosted Wikipedia editing party

Week 12: 2022-03-21[edit]

  • Attended API platform strategy presentations
  • Started https://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/User:APaskulin_(WMF)/Translation_notes to capture my FAQ about working with translation markup
  • Brainstormed questions for tech writer hiring
  • Prepped and held sync meeting for KR1 the docs
  • Graded several candidate writing samples
  • Met up with Tricia for in-person coworking
  • Worked on content reuse journey for Dev Portal

Week 11: 2022-03-13[edit]

Week 10: 2022-03-07[edit]

Week 9: 2022-02-28[edit]

Week 8: 2022-02-22[edit]

Week 7: 2022-02-14[edit]

Week 6: 2022-02-07[edit]

  • Continued work on reviewing “Build a tool” user journey for developer portal
  • Check-in meeting with Project Pralekhan
  • Prototyped a change that allows the Dev Portal to render content on a per-document basis
  • Attended API platform code jam, design jam, and backlog grooming
  • Continued to maintain work management process and artifacts for Architecture Team
  • Reviewed quarter-in-review deck and topics for community of practice meetups with Architecture Team
  • Prepped for and attended KR1 the docs sync meeting

Week 5: 2022-02-02[edit]

Week 4: 2022-01-24[edit]

  • Checked in with Jay on Project Pralekhan grant and followed up with grant admins on approving midpoint report
  • Prepped agenda for and attended KR1 the docs sync meeting
  • Attended API platform code jam sessions
  • Worked on reviewing “Build a tool” user journey for developer portal
  • Attended design research office hours to inform work on dev portal user research
  • Started work on getting all sandboxes to work in the API catalog and opened https://gerrit.wikimedia.org/r/c/research/mwaddlink/+/757988
  • Updated the tech docs team pitch desk with new team structure proposal

Week 3: 2022-01-17[edit]

Week 2: 2022-01-10[edit]

Week 1: 2022-01-03[edit]

2021-2022 Q2

Q2 Week 12: 2021-12-20[edit]

  • Co-hosted documentation office hours
  • Completed review of development guidelines landing page
  • Reviewed developer portal patches
  • Updated API catalog merge request
  • Out half day Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday
  • Collected feedback on Architecture overview presentation

Q2 Week 11: 2021-12-13[edit]

  • Submitted PR to add APIs to the Backstage API catalog https://gitlab.wikimedia.org/nikkin/backstage/-/merge_requests/3 and responded to review comments
  • Started review and updates to Dev Guidelines landing page
  • Prepped agenda for and led KR1: The Docs check-in meeting
  • Led meeting to define KR1 OKRs for Q3
  • Worked on Architecture execute overview presentation

Q2 Week 10: 2021-12-06[edit]

  • Updated https://gerrit.wikimedia.org/r/c/operations/mediawiki-config/+/649942 to try and get it resolved
  • Attended domain modeling exercise with product and tech execs
  • Started review of development guidelines landing page and decision record for process update
  • Added myself to Gerrit/Reviewers
  • Did my first review and +2 for the new developer portal repo in Gerrit
  • Responded to comments on the dev portal v4 doc
  • Participated in architecture team planning
  • Held regular sync with Jay for Project Pralekhan
  • Groomed tasks for API Portal UI improvements
  • Helped run KR1 the doc design jam
  • Started work on adding APIs to the Backstage API catalog

Q2 Week 9: 2021-11-29[edit]

Q2 Week 8: 2021-11-22[edit]

  • Cleared out 600+ emails in my inbox :)
  • Worked on request form for Tech Docs Team
  • Worked on updating technical decision forum docs
  • Out Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday

Q2 Week 7: 2021-11-15[edit]

Q2 Week 6: 2021-11-08[edit]

Q2 Week 5: 2021-11-01[edit]

Q2 Week 4: 2021-10-25[edit]

  • Built out multi-page version of the Developer Portal
  • Worked on Enterprise docs strategy and shared with MWE PM
  • Ran design jam to review multi-page version of Dev Portal
  • Created a wikitext version of the API catalog https://api.wikimedia.org/wiki/API_catalog
  • Started working on my professional development hours for this quarter https://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/User:APaskulin_(WMF)/Research
  • Presented docs team proposal to eng VP
  • Participated in architecture team planning
  • Participated in API platform design jam

Q2 Week 3: 2021-10-18[edit]

  • Attended knowledge sharing session about OpenAPI with RESTBase developers
  • Provided feedback on data model for Developer Portal https://phabricator.wikimedia.org/T276708
  • Ran KR1: The docs check-in meeting
  • Created a multi-page version of the Developer Portal draft
  • Opened tasks for all key docs to be reviewed
  • Attended API Platform design jam
  • Worked on the architecture team glossary
  • Conducted a user test of the Developer Portal
  • Worked on review of cloud services introduction
  • Created a proposal for a technical documentation team at WMF

Q2 Week 2: 2021-10-11[edit]

  • Assisted handoff of Developer Portal user testing from design research to content team
  • Co-hosted documentation office hours
  • Finalized edits for Wikimedia Enterprise documentation and copy
  • Added a list of key landing pages to the DevPortal page on mediawiki.org [178]
  • Participated in architecture team planning and DDD coaching
  • Got promoted to staff technical writer!
  • Completed a review of key doc for cloud services https://phabricator.wikimedia.org/T292811
  • Iterated on doc review process
  • Added a column for collections on the key docs spreadsheet

Q2 Week 1: 2021-10-04[edit]

  • Set up work tracking spreadsheet for Q2
  • Filled out retrospective on percentages of time dedicated to specific projects in Q1
  • Met with developer experience product management to clarify design research scope for developer portal
  • Hosted Q2 kickoff meeting for “KR1: The docs” team
  • Onboarded new technical writer onto “KR1: The docs” and Wikimedia docs in general
  • Reviewed https://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Project_Pralekhan and made a few corrections to updated pages
  • Collected feedback on key docs and dev portal work
  • Wrote my ITC and published my logs for the quarter
  • Updated the key docs review template https://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Documentation/Review_template
  • Worked on Wikimedia Enterprise documentation edits and strategy
2021-2022 Q1

Q1 Week 13: 2021-09-27[edit]

Q1 Week 12: 2021-09-20[edit]

Q1 Week 11: 2021-09-13[edit]

Q1 Week 10: 2021-09-06[edit]

Q1 Week 9: 2021-08-30[edit]

Q1 Week 8: 2021-08-23[edit]

  • Completed work on user scenario exercises for the Developer Portal
  • Worked on overview template prototype https://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/User:APaskulin_(WMF)/Key_docs/Overview
  • Participated in architecture team backlog grooming
  • Project management for KR1 the docs
  • Interviewed a candidate for the tech writing position
  • Collaborated with Andre on the technical investigation for the Developer Portal
  • Worked on the new content strategy for the API Portal and commented with initial stub on T289183
  • Shared vision for “wikidata for docs” at the API Platform design jam
  • Collaborated on architecture narratives and patterns
  • Opened https://phabricator.wikimedia.org/T289877

Q1 Week 7: 2021-08-16[edit]

  • Edited Architecture/Product strategy narratives doc
  • Paired on replicating API Portal bug
  • Reviewed OAuth diagram
  • Worked on accuracy criteria for technical topic overviews
  • Created collage of navigation elements used on technical topic overviews https://miro.com/app/board/o9J_l2ZgrUs=/
  • Held documentation office hours
  • Interviewed two candidates for the technical writer position
  • Conducted a user research session for the architecture repository
  • Participated in an API Platform design jam, commented on T288126, and opened T289183
  • Participated in architecture team sprint rituals
  • Worked on new API Portal scope and strategy
  • Supported knowledge sharing on the API Platform team
  • Experimented with Avrodoc https://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/User:APaskulin_(WMF)/Avrodoc
  • Conducted a user scenario exercise for the Developer Portal
  • Created a mockup for an overview template

Q1 Week 6: 2021-08-09[edit]

Q1 Week 5: 2021-08-02[edit]

Out of office

Q1 Week 4: 2021-07-26[edit]

  • Out of office Thursday-Friday
  • Registered for API Specifications conference and submitted expense report
  • Met with Andre to collaborate on the Dev Portal
  • Edited draft of architecture narratives
  • Attended two API Platform team kickoff meetings
  • Commented on https://phabricator.wikimedia.org/T283277 to try to move things forward
  • Opened https://phabricator.wikimedia.org/T287415 for the MediaWiki API integration testing library
  • Attended sprint planning for architecture team
  • Signed up for the Wikimania hackathon
  • Opened https://phabricator.wikimedia.org/T287422 for the Developer Portal
  • Worked on content types for Key Docs Updates
  • Led sync meeting for KR1 the docs
  • Collaborated on dev portal content strategy
  • Completed anti-harassment training
  • Did my Q4 ITC
  • Provided feedback on user personas for the Dev Portal
  • Attended security training
  • Attended ERC results session

Q1 Week 3: 2021-07-19[edit]

  • Deployed dev portal content prototype to GitHub pages with automated script and basic instructions
  • Set up Sarah R as a contributor to the Dev Portal draft
  • Participated in four days of architecture team offsite
  • Finished initial mapping of content types for key docs
  • Project management for KR1 the docs, including updating OKRs in Betterworks

Q1 Week 2: 2021-07-12[edit]

  • Migrated to Libera Chat from Freenode
  • Registered for Wikimania 2021
  • Ran check-in meeting for KR1 team
  • Held a sync meeting for dev portal content strategy and key docs accuracy criteria
  • Planned architecture team offsite for next week
  • Prepared sessions to lead the the architecture team offsite next week
  • Worked on key docs content types
  • Spun up a dev portal content prototype
  • Attended DDD workshop with architecture team
  • Attended Phoenix books demo with architecture team
  • Attended All Staff and Tech All meetings
  • Attended kickoff for hiring new tech writer

Q1 Week 1: 2021-07-05[edit]

Out of office

2020-2021 Q4

Q4 Week 13: 2021-06-28[edit]

  • Created a tracking spreadsheet for key docs https://phabricator.wikimedia.org/T285790
  • Opened T285814, T286082, T286085, T286086, T286087
  • Resolved T285336
  • Prepped agenda for KR1 the docs meeting in two weeks
  • Helped onboard new team member to the Architecture team
  • Attended Effective and Responsible Communication working group sessions
  • Published Q4 history on Meta
  • Updated OKRs in Betterworks

Q4 Week 12: 2021-06-21[edit]

  • Left comments on Okapi schema doc
  • Ran first regular KR1 the docs sync meeting
  • Opened T285336
  • Finished work on Okapi data model schema

Q4 Week 11: 2021-06-14[edit]

  • Out of office on Friday
  • WMF All Hands Tuesday - Thursday
  • Worked on data model schema

Q4 Week 10: 2021-06-07[edit]

  • Replied to email from grantee Jay for new documentation grant
  • Participated in sprint planning and backlog grooming
  • Watched All Hands and Tech All videos from last week
  • Kicked off Dev Portal and Key Docs Updates projects with Developer Advocacy
  • Consulted the Technical Decision Chairs about update process for development policies
  • Planned team offsite
  • Co-hosted documentation office hours
  • Worked on adding properties to the knowledge store data model based on feedback from Okapi team
  • Tested and closed https://phabricator.wikimedia.org/T282259 and https://phabricator.wikimedia.org/T268791
  • Opened https://phabricator.wikimedia.org/T284621
  • Fixed typo on JavaScript examples in API Portal as followup to https://phabricator.wikimedia.org/T283899
  • Reached inbox-zero after returning from vacation
  • Reviewed patches to add jsdoc to the api-testing repo, opened a task to document the process
  • Collected onboarding documentation for Dana

Q4 Week 9: 2021-05-31[edit]

  • Out of office

Q4 Week 8: 2021-05-24[edit]

Q4 Week 7: 2021-05-17[edit]

Q4 Week 6: 2021-05-10[edit]

Q4 Week 5: 2021-05-03[edit]

Q4 Week 4: 2021-04-26[edit]

Q4 Week 3: 2021-04-19[edit]

Q4 Week 2: 2021-04-12[edit]

Q4 Week 1: 2021-04-05[edit]

2020-2021 Q3

Q3 Week 13: 2021-03-29[edit]

Q3 Week 12: 2021-03-22[edit]

Q3 Week 11: 2021-03-15[edit]

Q3 Week 10: 2021-03-08[edit]

Q3 Week 9: 2021-03-01[edit]

Q3 Week 8: 2021-02-22[edit]

Q3 Week 7: 2021-02-15[edit]

Q3 Week 6: 2021-02-08[edit]

  • Attended API strategy meeting to kickoff product management handover of the API Portal
  • A volunteer made a minor-but-still-awesome edit to the API Portal :happy-tears:
  • Reviewed change to maturity model page on mediawiki.org and made a small continuity update
  • Reviewed doc planning wishlist with Wikimedia Dev Advocacy
  • Set up review of API Platform announcements with new management
  • Patch author scheduled 649942 for deployment, yay! Noting for future reference: this was three weeks from nudge to response, which seems pretty fair.
  • Following the deployment of T272665, completed final tests and resolved T268257, signifying the true completion of the API Portal MVP! And the end of the project management work.
  • Tried to deal with syntax highlighting bug, opened https://phabricator.wikimedia.org/T274474, which was resolved almost immediately
  • Worked on intro text for structured content prototype and experimented with Vuetify

Q3 Week 5: 2021-02-01[edit]

  • Opened 661167 to resolve config change requested in T270178. Researched process for getting beta config changes deployed. Turns out that even beta-only config changes should follow the deploy process so there are no undeployed commits waiting for the next person
  • Worked on API Portal blog post and public announcements
  • Worked on architecture repository planning and modeling
  • Brainstormed outline for Phoenix demo
  • Worked on homepage content for API Portal
  • Tracked deployment schedule for API Portal bug fixes as part of the latest MediaWiki version
  • Opened 661146 to resolve issue with API Portal extension version
  • Synced with Eng Mgmt about the future of the API Portal

Q3 Week 4: 2021-01-25[edit]

  • 657925 reviewed and merged
  • Reviewed 658585
  • Held two-day tech docs offsite with Sarah R.
  • 657898 reviewed, merged, and verified
  • Opened T273326
  • OKR planning for architecture team
  • API Portal project management
  • Updated API Portal internal docs

Q3 Week 3: 2021-01-19[edit]

  • Holiday on Monday
  • Granted editing permissions to a community member on the API Portal
  • Created and uploaded https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Programming_icon_flat_circle.svg
  • Worked on API Portal use case pages
  • Commented on T270308 to try and move it forward
  • Added use case pages to the API Portal to complete T250304
  • Added some content to the API Portal continuity doc https://wikitech.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?title=API_Portal&type=revision&diff=1894722&oldid=1893071
  • Input OKRs into Betterworks
  • API Portal project management
  • Passed 5/7 cases for T268257 End-to-end testing for API Gateway, API Portal, and OAuth and opened T272665 for failing cases
  • Opened 657898 for T271285 Links in "Create API key" dialog should open in a new tab
  • Connected my local API Portal to my local OAuth extension, so I’m able to test viewing clients in the API Portal
  • Opened 657925 for T272660 Hide redirect URL for owner-only clients

Q3 Week 2: 2021-01-11[edit]

Q3 Week 1: 2021-01-04[edit]

  • Happy new year!
  • 650792 was approved and merged
  • Consolidated API Portal project management onto https://phabricator.wikimedia.org/tag/api-portal/ and worked on moving todos from my notes to this board
  • Published Q2 log to history page
  • Worked on OKRs for this quarter
  • Cleaned up notes
  • Nice documentation office hours session. Realizing that about three people is the max for productive Q&A.
  • Made sure all javascript examples in the API Portal have semicolons at the end of lines
  • Provided tech support for OAuth and helped resolve T271078 :D
  • Was finally able to link my GitHub and Gerrit users to get green squares for my contributions
  • Reviewed 649766
  • Updated my local MediaWiki Docker environment to run Doxygen
  • Got the OAuth extension to run locally and opened 655180
2020-2021 Q2

Q2 Week 1: 2020-10-05[edit]

Q2 Week 2: 2020-10-12[edit]

Q2 Week 3: 2020-10-19[edit]

  • Reviewed 634732 and 635300
  • API Portal project management and task validation
  • Wild attempt to fix some CSS bugs 635093
  • Worked on some designs for project messaging https://api.wikimedia.org/wiki/Template:Projects
  • Troubleshooted getting DiscussionTools to work on API Portal
  • Opened T266161,  T266160,  T266073
  • Opened a patch for T265815
  • Opened and got +2’d my first PHP patch, 635610 for T266161
  • Added a patchset to 635300 for CSS fixes
  • Worked on capability modeling and process with architecture team

Q2 Week 4: 2020-10-26[edit]

  • Reviewed 636130, 636158, and 637674
  • API Portal project management and task validation
  • Closed T265366 with CSS fix
  • Worked on displaying projects and languages in API Portal
  • Participated in event storming workshop
  • Participated in architecture planning

Q2 Week 5: 2020-11-02[edit]

Q2 Week 6: 2020-11-09[edit]

Q2 Week 7: 2020-11-16[edit]

Q2 Week 8: 2020-11-23[edit]

  • Reviewed 643280
  • Tested end-to-end OAuth and API Gateway workflows
  • Conducted API Portal user tests
  • Discovered that the API Gateway doesn’t support Api-User-Agent headers as required by the User Agent policy, opened T268791, and removed them from the API Portal reference docs examples
  • Finished API reference docs for Core endpoint in the API Portal
  • Updated the JavaScript examples in the API Portal reference to be more concise
  • Holiday on Thursday and Friday

Q2 Week 9: 2020-11-30[edit]

  • API Portal project management and task validation
  • Google Season of Docs mentorship support and docs review
  • Figured out that I can easily add supplemental text to form inputs on the Create Client form, but not easily add tooltips. I’m guessing this is because tooltips carry a style as a result of their implementation as part of the client details view.
  • Reviewed 645062
  • Conducted API Portal user tests and an evaluation for compatibility with RTL languages
  • Did a live demo of the API Portal at the All Staff meeting
  • Participated in architecture modeling
  • Opened 645537 for improvements to API key management interface in the API Portal
  • Co-hosted a meetup of Wikimedia Friends of the Docs

Q2 Week 10: 2020-12-07[edit]

  • Updated Extension:OAuth to reflect https://gerrit.wikimedia.org/r/644547
  • API Portal project management and task validation
  • Worked on API Portal content
  • Reviewed 647088 and 647234
  • Responded to feedback on updates to API Portal create API key flow
  • Got back to zero unread messages in my email inbox :)
  • Decided that without a “depicts” feature for searching Commons, searching for images of a particular subject via the API isn’t helpful as an example use case.
  • Soft-launched the API Portal so that it is publicly visible prior to official launch next month

Q2 Week 11: 2020-12-14[edit]

  • Updated and merged 645537 (user experience improvements for the API Portal key management interface)
  • API Portal project management and task validation
  • Started adding short description API endpoints to the API Portal
  • Opened 650792 to fix short description API spec
  • Worked on API Portal getting started pages
  • Hosted API Portal project closeout celebration (slide deck)
  • Participated in architecture modeling
  • Published architecture event modeling to https://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Wikimedia_system_model#Edit_collections

Q2 Week 12: 2020-12-21[edit]

  • Finished API Portal reference docs for page description endpoints
  • Reviewed Manual:Parser_cache draft on mw.org
  • Holidays Wednesday-Friday
2020-2021 Q1

Q1 Week 1: 2020-07-06[edit]

  • Vacation

Q1 Week 2 2020-07-13[edit]

Q1 Week 3: 2020-07-20[edit]

Q1 Week 4: 2020-07-27[edit]

  • Reviewed proposals for Google Season of Docs and submitted project selection
  • Kicked off planning for participation in the Writing Day at the (virtual) Write the Docs conference in two weeks
  • Project management support for the API Portal project
  • Reviewed technical decision making process doc
  • Updated Template:MediaWikiHook to support hooks with a single underscore in the name
  • Continued researching wikifeeds API for API Gateway
  • Submitted form for individual tuning conversation
  • Drafted OKRs for this quarter
  • Facilitation for TechCom
  • Documentation consultation with OKAPI team
  • Published initial draft of architecture docs

Q1 Week 5: 2020-08-03[edit]

  • Worked on design validation for WikimediaApiPortal skin
  • Completed permissions validation for API Portal on beta
  • Reviewed structured content store docs
  • Edited and published Indic workshop post on the Tech Blog https://techblog.wikimedia.org/2020/08/07/designing-technical-workshops-for-the-indic-community/
  • Project and task management for API Portal
  • Worked on documenting security best practices for the API Portal
  • Edited and sent user contributions API docs for review
  • Helped teammates to write their OKRs

Q1 Week 6: 2020-08-10[edit]

Q1 Week 7: 2020-08-17[edit]

Q1 Week 8: 2020-08-24[edit]

  • Set up a MediaWikiDockerDev environment
  • Opened patches for seven small fixes for the API Portal skin
  • Architecture team offsite
  • Learned about OAuth T260944
  • Worked on Wikifeeds API docs
  • API Portal task validation

Q1 Week 9: 2020-08-31[edit]

Q1 Week 10: 2020-09-07[edit]

  • Holiday on Monday
  • API Portal code review and product management
  • Updated OAuth extension docs
  • Created WikimediaApiPortal skin docs https://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Skin:WikimediaApiPortal
  • Opened patch for API Portal T260306
  • Attended API Specifications Conference
  • Sent project digest

Q1 Week 11: 2020-09-14[edit]

Q1 Week 12: 2020-09-21[edit]

Q1 Week 13: 2020-09-28[edit]

  • Troubleshooting with Cindy
  • API Portal project management
  • Fixed some CSS bugs in the Portal skin
  • Opened patch for https://phabricator.wikimedia.org/T260944
  • Acceptance testing for WikimediaApiPortalOAuth extension
  • Drafted docs for new extension
  • Troubleshooting extension bugs
2019-2020 Q4

Q4 Week 14: 2020-06-29[edit]

Q4 Week 13: 2020-06-22[edit]

Q4 Week 12: 2020-06-15[edit]

Q4 Week 11: 2020-06-08[edit]

  • Created presentation on Extension:Mermaid
  • Information design for architecture maturity model wiki page
  • Published code samples in Python, PHP, and JavaScript for core REST API reference docs 
  • Worked on API Portal design
  • Wrapped up this phase of hooks docs
  • Support for Google Season of Docs

Q4 Week 10: 2020-06-01[edit]

  • Worked on API Portal project plan
  • Support for Google Season of Docs
  • Published single page version of MediaWiki Core REST API docs
  • Added search endpoints to MediaWiki Core REST API docs
  • Facilitation for TechCom
  • Updated Template:MediaWikiHook
  • Worked on updates for Manual:Hooks

Q4 Week 9: 2020-05-25[edit]

  • Holiday on Monday
  • Interviewed for Between the Brackets podcast
  • Support for new hook system
  • Merged two patches for improvements to hooks docs on MediaWiki Doxygen
  • Merged a patch correcting a typo on hook interface doc comments
  • Support for Google Season of Docs
  • Reviewed docs patches[179][180]
  • Worked on the MediaWiki Core REST API docs

Q4 Week 8: 2020-05-18[edit]

  • Drafted doc plan for new hooks system
  • Designed update for mediawikihook template
  • Worked on the single-page design for the MediaWiki Core REST API docs
  • Worked on API Portal workflows
  • Crated API Gateway stakeholders group and sent out first API Portal project digest
  • Support for Google Season of Docs
  • Facilitation for TechCom

Q4 Week 7: 2020-05-11[edit]

  • Kicked off Google Season of Docs as a co-admin for Wikimedia
  • Worked on updates to API integration test docs
  • Found my first bug
  • Finished spec for API Portal create app flow
  • Reviewed updates to the API Portal skin
  • Worked on stakeholder communications for the API Portal
  • Worked on API Portal workflows
  • Worked on app management flow for API Portal

Q4 Week 6: 2020-05-04[edit]

  • Facilitation for TechCom
  • Created documentation plan for new hook system[181]
  • Worked on API Portal workflows
  • Drafted updated template format for MediaWikiHooks

Q4 Week 5: 2020-04-27[edit]

  • Finished single page version of MediaWiki REST API reference
  • Continued support for API Portal project
  • Facilitation for TechCom
  • Continued support for API Portal project
  • Data analysis for "Was this documentation helpful?" gadget

Q4 Week 4: 2020-04-20[edit]

  • Worked on single page version of MediaWiki REST API reference
  • Continued support for API Portal project
  • Added API Portal design for page options
  • Planned PHP and Python examples for MediaWiki REST API docs
  • Out of office Wednesday-Friday

Q4 Week 3: 2020-04-13[edit]

  • Completed hooks doc comment review patch
  • Continued support for API Portal project
  • Completed API Portal design review
  • Demoed API Portal for CPT

Q4 Week 2: 2020-04-06[edit]

  • Doc reviews for MediaWiki REST API
  • Worked on hooks doc comment review patch
  • Continued support for API Portal project
  • Started work on Wikimedia docs metrics
  • Worked on API Portal design review and updates

Q4 Week 1: 2020-03-30[edit]

  • Continued support for API Portal project
  • Worked on hooks doc comment review patch
  • Drafted docs for three MediaWiki REST API endpoints
  • Facilitation for TechCom
2019-2020 Q3

Q3 Week 13: 2020-03-23[edit]

  • Continued support for API Portal project
  • Worked on API Portal design updates
  • Worked on hooks doc comment review patch

Q3 Week 12: 2020-03-16[edit]

  • Started hooks doc comment review patch
  • Worked on MediaWiki REST API docs
  • Experimented with apiDoc tool
  • Worked on API Portal content
  • Facilitation for TechCom

Q3 Week 11: 2020-03-09[edit]

  • Responded to hooks docs task (phab:T246855)
  • Requested review for latest batch of MediaWiki REST API docs
  • Worked on API Portal design updates
  • Holiday on Monday

Q3 Week 10: 2020-03-02[edit]

Q3 Week 9: 2020-02-24[edit]

Q3 Week 8: 2020-02-17[edit]

  • Researched Wikimedia API change policies, and proposed changes to address phab:T244263.
  • Drafted docs for conditional requests to the MediaWiki REST API. Requested review through mediawiki.org.
  • Reviewed Core Platform team OKRs
  • Attended remote presentation from Stack Overflow. Interesting to learn that they encourage volunteer-built bots but they discourage those bots making edits; they want edits to come from a person.
  • Holiday on Friday

Q3 Week 7: 2020-02-10[edit]

Q3 Week 6: 2020-02-03[edit]

Q3 Week 5: 2020-01-27[edit]

  • Wikimedia All Hands
    • The movement strategy team handles translation by doing paid translations that are checked by volunteers.
    • The (former) community engagement team is a great resource for docs support.
    • The research team has regular contact with people who are using our content on their platforms, so they’re familiar with their use cases and experiences.

Q3 Week 4: 2020-01-20[edit]

Q3 Week 3: 2020-01-13[edit]

Q3 Week 2: 2020-01-06[edit]

  • Worked on re-doing dev portal content strategy and prototype content
  • Joined Slack for green team standups (and goats channel)
  • Learned that Swagger Codegen exports HTML ->
    • dynamic-html: Swagger UI with CSS and JS files
    • html2: Two-column layout with generated examples in eight programming languages and expandable schemas, no sandbox, no examples
    • html: Single-column layout with examples, no sandbox
  • Added HTML display to https://github.com/apaskulin/api-examples/blob/master/page-counts.ipynb
  • Joined hiring working group. Met with Corey to discuss next steps for evaluating and improving the onboarding process. Drafted a summary of the state of onboarding docs.

Q3 Week 1: 2019-12-30[edit]

  • Holidays Monday - Wednesday
  • Read When Not to Comment: Questions and Tradeoffs with API Documentation for C++ Projects(https://andrewhead.info/assets/pdf/when-not-to-comment.pdf)
    • "Robillard and DeLine interviewed and surveyed developers about learning obstacles, recommending that common obstacles could be avoided if the intent of an API is documented, code examples cover non-trivial use cases and best practices, and documentation helps developers find API elements for their tasks, understand relevant parts of APIs’ internal behavior, and avoids fragmentation"
    • Researchers grouped developers questions into: "how to do something, what code does, why it is behaving the way it is, finding where something is, who did something, and when they did it"
    • "Recent research has proposed tools for automatically improving documentation. Such tools synthesize code examples [6, 21], generate method [19, 35] and parameter descriptions [36], mine API usage patterns (e.g., [20, 40]), collect insightful sentences describing APIs [37], and identify improvable documentation [39, 41]."
    • "Distrust of documentation could lead to unnecessary searches: S6 visited the implementation to check for unexpected behavior when “it was actually documented properly, but I didn’t believe it.”
    • See also:
2019-2020 Q2

Week 19: 2019-12-23[edit]

  • Worked on dev portal content
  • Holidays Tuesday - Friday

Week 18: 2019-12-16[edit]

  • Reviews for Google Code-in
  • Completed onboarding docs refresh
  • Completed offsite survey

Week 17: 2019-12-09[edit]

Week 16: 2019-12-02[edit]

  • Note that the nowiki tag are helpful for documenting things like translate tags.
  • Completed open enrollment and surveys
  • Reviewed patches for Google Code-In
  • Helped Will create a comparison matrix for popular API spec formats
  • Finished content strategy doc for dev portal, shared with Evan and Kate
  • Reviewed service development proposal content from Eric (T239856)
  • Note taking for TechCom

Week 15: 2019-11-25[edit]

  • Moved https://phabricator.wikimedia.org/T87796 Add includes/filebackend/README as generated documentation page into done
  • Note taking for TechCom
  • Looked at tasks for upcoming Google Code In mentorship tasks
  • Review for updates to the docs for the compare revisions endpoint and wikidfiff2 extension
  • Updated REST API docs for history count limits
  • Worked on content strategy for dev portal
  • Added comments to the dev portal prototype
  • Holidays on Thursday and Friday

Week 14: 2019-11-18[edit]

Week 13: 2019-11-11[edit]

  • Holiday on Monday
  • Updates to API integration test docs
    • Updated wiki page with REST API functionality
    • Moved content from the README to the wiki page
  • Updates to the REST API extension interface docs
    • Added new example content from the example extension
    • Met with Bill to review content
    • Made updates based on review feedback
  • Met with Dev Portal designer and provided new hierarchy and placeholder content

Week 12: 2019-11-04[edit]

Week 11: 2019-10-28[edit]

Week 10: 2019-10-21[edit]

Week 9: 2019-10-14[edit]

Week 8: 2019-10-07[edit]

2019-2020 Q1

Week 7: 2019-09-30[edit]

Week 6: 2019-09-23[edit]

Week 5: 2019-09-16[edit]

Week 4: 2019-09-09[edit]

  • MediaWiki Doxygen docs: submitted https://gerrit.wikimedia.org/r/c/mediawiki/core/+/535684 (first patch merged 🎉)
  • Met with Evan and Bill to review the REST API integration for MediaWiki extensions.
  • Met with Evan to review and clarify personas, use cases, and technologies for the doc portal.
  • Met with Andre
  • AFK on Wednesday

Week 3: 2019-09-02[edit]

Week 2: 2019-08-26[edit]

Week 1: 2019-08-19[edit]

First week at the Foundation!

  • Set up my accounts and user pages
  • Met with Kate, Evan, Bill, Will, and Eric
  • Started content review notes
  • Started doc portal notes

Looking forward: Objectives

  • Spread knowledge of how to use Wikimedia tools
  • Support the Core Platform Team in documenting the MediaWiki platform and related services
  • Practice plain, clear, effective, translatable Global English
  • Learn about decentralized project organization


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