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Poster Session at #wikimania2019 - empower yourself: first steps[edit]

Description Poster
I am a fan of OpenRefine: it is the coolest software for data wrangling I have seen the last 20 years (really!!!).
That's why I made a poster for the Wikimania 2019 to share my enthusiasm, learnings and ideas.

I made some short screencasts to encourage people to do the first steps and to explore new things.

First Steps and more
The Real Magic of OpenRefine

Lightning Talk at #wikimania2019 - check your data[edit]

Description Slides
I got a file: data about members of the new constituted European Parliament. I knew that most of them are stored in wikidata. A SPARQL request about the "Members of the Ninth European Parliament" found 110 persons from 747.
I made some short screencasts to share my knowledge how to use OpenRefine to improve the data quality for wikidata uploads.

I wasn't able to finish my talk in 7 minutes, so I give you the slides and the screencasts in this way.

Check your data - screencasts and descriptions