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Aerik Sylvan
father, husband, sometimes engineer, sometimes geek
living and working in silicon valley

I love the ideas behind a wiki - that a page is created when a link is written is so perfectly in line with the spirit of the web - and then the idea of anyone being able to edit any page, excellence through democracy. Very cool.

I'm lauching a alternative to the open directory project based on mediawiki - I think the open directory is a great idea, but the implementation is far, far better as a wiki. And the fact that they purposefully only filter web sites (for a good reason, but I disagree: they are trying to only list the best sites - complete, with unique content) keeps a lot of content from being found.

I can also be found at aerik.com - yes, I am a dot-com!, thesylvans.com - my family website, and here at my weblog.

Here's my code (still rough, but functional) for implementing category math / category intersections User:Aerik/Intersections code--Aerik 08:37, 5 May 2005 (UTC)