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Spoken version

we add letters and words
edit grammar and spelling
you may think we are nerds
that find sharing compelling

add a little fact here
to what started as stubs
builds upon another one there
evolving topical hubs

there are changes in haste
it all goes so quickly
not a minute to waste
that's right, it's a wiki

a citation to add
a statement to check
the laugh that you had
reverted by tech

if you add something wrong
or edit in spite
it won't be for long
undos make it right

you can't add that spice
or the celebrity mock
you have to be nice
or there will be a block

but contribute you can
there's no magic to it
no need to be superman
just press edit and do it

while most people read
only few make an edit
an invisible deed
that rarely gets credit

you come here to know
or just to spend time
we hope that you grow
and you send us a dime

although the knowledge is free
and editors volunteers
tech comes with a fee
and we're not billionaires

we do it with lust
we do it with pleasure
we won't say 'you must'
it's all at your leisure

we try to sum up
what we all understood
we're still just a pup
but we do it for good

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