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User:Alan Ang (WMDE)/How to: Wikibase Cloud

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This subpage is dedicated to supporting new users to get onboard Wikibase Cloud.

Getting Started

  • First, you will need to set up a Wikibase Cloud user account. Each Wikibase Cloud user account allows you to create up to a maximum of six Wikibase instances. You can apply for a Wikibase Cloud user account at Wikibase.cloud.
  • You will require an email address and password to register for the Wikibase Cloud account. Check your email after you've made the application and click on the link to activate your Wikibase Cloud account. Note: never forget your email and password!
  • After you've created your Wikibase Cloud account and entered onto the Wikibase Cloud website, click on DASHBOARD at the top right hand corner.
  • When you are in the DASHBOARD view, you will see a blue button CREATE NEW WIKI at the left of the page. Click on that, and you will be able to create your very own Wikibase instance!
  • On the CREATE NEW WIKI page, you will be prompted to provide your very own name for your Wikibase instance, as well as your unique site domain name that you can share with others, and the user name of the very first admin of your instance. Check to agree to the Terms of Use, and then click on the CREATE WIKI button.
  • Check your email again for log in details of this instance.

Note: to make edits to your Wikibase instance, you will need to log with a Wiki username. This can be the same username you used for Wikipedia, Wikidata or other Wikimedia projects.