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This page contained a voter guide during the 2011 elections. That guide can be found in history.

I endorse whoever was elected, and so should you![edit]

this section is 100% honest and sincere

The last duty of every electorate is to come together and unite behind new leaders, hoping them the best and doing your best to accept the collective wisdom of the community and put away any preconceptions you had of the candidates from before or during the election. If the global community chose them, then they're good enough for me, regardless of whether they were my 'favorite' or not.

A thanks to all candidates[edit]

this section is 100% honest and sincere
A deep and sincere thank you to all the candidates who volunteered to lead our fabulous movement this year. Thank you all for the courage to stand in an election, the courage to become a 'public figure' in the form of a board member, and the courage to undergo the voting process, where you're endlessly prodded and poked, criticized and critiqued.

No one did more of that on-wiki than me this year, so it seemed fitting and proper that I should thank each one of you.

Yes on Ting!!![edit]

this section is 100% honest and sincere
My original guide raised objections to Ting, thus I feel especially called to honestly praise him in this same space.

Ting is an amazing person who does his job well. He is always straightforward, he tells you what he thinks, he means what he says, and he can always clearly explain his reasoning. I disagreed with him over the theory of what role the board should play in some limited instances, but I've never ever doubted Ting is great person and a truly great asset to our movement. Time and again, I communicate with people who've met Ting, and they invariably say absolutely great things about his character-- nothing in the entire time I've interacted with him have I ever seen anything that would suggest anything to the contrary.

Ting is great great guy, and there's no doubt he will continue to be one of Wikimedia's brightest stars and greatest treasures, regardless of whether he winds up serving his next term on the board of trustees or the board of advisers. Ting's done great things in WM and I have no doubt Ting will continue to excel and amaze us in the future.

An Apology to Bulk of Candidates[edit]

this section is 100% honest and sincere

The simple truth is we didn't have enough discussion this year. No one voter guide could reasonably evaluate this many individuals-- but more importantly, I don't know that any one voter guide should-- not when there were so few voter guides. I limited myself to only a few positions and explained them well. I kept hoping more guides would appear to let me get a sense of how others perceived the candidates that were less familiar to me, but they never appeared.

The candidates who are elected will indeed have been fairly elected, but there may be unelected candidates who were 'unfairly unelected', as it were, for lack of a better term. That is, if their home projects had been more vocal in the global community (if we had a coherent global community), then their chances might have been much better had there been a more robust discussion.

In short-- don't take ANY election personally, but especially not this one. We will get three amazing board members who are all very well-liked-- but the people who weren't 'well-liked' shouldn't necessarily take it as a sign about what the community has 'concluded' about them. Chances are, we haven't concluded anything, we just didn't know enough. That was certainly the case for me.

Humorous from here on[edit]

No on Kat, too altruistic to be true![edit]

'this section is humorous!!
In my initial voter guide, I supported Kat, but I am open to the possibility that I was wrong. After all Kat claims she's a genuine JD-- but what kinda lawyer is this altruistic??? A lot of people don't realize this, but when Kat first started running Wikimedia, she was a kindergartner! Fact! Look it up.

To volunteer all this time, to deal with us bunch of lunatics, when she should be busy making large sums of money by doing evil things, as is her trade's solemn duty? I don't buy it.

She's hiding something. My current theory is that she's someone sent here to help humanity-- maybe a benevolent alien posing as human, maybe a time traveler who's come back in time to put right what once went wrong, or maybe one of those non-evil vampires that are all the rage these past two decades. Either way, she clearly has an unhuman agenda to help all humans-- and until we find out why and who she's really working for, we can't trust her.  :)

No on Milos, too bearded![edit]

'this section is humorous!!
In my initial voter guide, I supported Milos, but I am open to the possibility that I was wrong. We all know men with beards are hiding something.[1]

No on SJ-- too busy fighting crime[edit]

'this section is humorous!!
In my initial voter guide, I supported SJ, but I am open to the possibility that I was wrong.

A lot of people don't know that in addition to his leadership of Wikimedia and one laptop per child, SJ also works with an organization called The Justice League. For years, SJ has spent his spare time thwarting crime while in costume, and what began as a lone hobby turned into a real community of passionate volunteers. I can't tell you which one he is, lest I spoil the secret identity, but trust me, you know his work, and it's impressive.

But how many more board meetings are going to be interrupted by SJ having to make an excuse to leave because yet another super-villain is threatening to destroy the city?