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Metric Proposal Achieved outcome Explanation
Participants 4,350 1,492
Newly Registered 1,450 68
Content Pages
  • Content Enrichment : 8,700
  • Skill Development : 1,200
  • Partnerships Development : 12,200
  • Leadership Development :2,000
  • Total : 24,100

On Wikipedia

  • 411 new Wikipedia pages
  • 216 articles have been improved

On Wikisource

  • 44,917 pages were proofread
  • 23,867 pages were validated

On Wikidata

  • 9,300 Indian language labels developed
  • 10,926 Indian language labels created


  • 166 books have been released under free license and uploaded to Wikimedia Commons
  • 15 books in the public domain have been scanned and uploaded to Wikimedia Commons
  • 376 images have been released under the free-licenses
  • 773 recordings have been uploaded

Lingua Libre

  • Lingua Libre Marathi community - 14,453 pronunciations have been uploaded
Footprint Tracker 29 0 No in-person event took place. We thought to include digital footprints, however we failed to find a proper method to calculate digital footprints.
Gender ratio 25% An aggregate of approx 27.6% of female Wikimedians have taken part in the events organised by CIS-A2K. Please see Gender ratio here

Request page[edit]

CIS-A2K has been supporting the Indian Wikimedia communities through the request page to conduct Wikimedia events/activities. Due to COVID-19, we had stopped providing the support of the request page for months and later when the community started the request with the online events, support for internet and hardware support we started to provide the support again. We have three types, namely financial, non-financial & technical requests from the communities.

Some of the requests received between 1 July 2020 and 30 June 2021:

  • Gujarati Wikipedia Edit-a-thon: Gujarati Wikipedia community discussed on the village pump to conduct an edit-a-thon related to Gujarati literature which includes but is not limited to evolutionary phases of Gujarati language, different eras and works of Gujarati literature, various dialects of the language, important people and organisations who contributed significantly for Gujarati. In which 6 communities took part and created/expanded around 28 articles.
  • Tamil Wiki Internship Programme 2020: Tamil Wikipedia community conducted a 30 days Internship programme for college students to enhance the ongoing work. A total of 43 students took part in the event for 30 days and contributed to Wikisource with the help of experienced Wikimedians with two online sessions per week. This was first event of its kind with the school students.

Butterfly park documentation[edit]

Sammilan Shetty owns an Unenclosed butterfly reserve set in mountain foothills of western ghats, with numerous species of butterflies. They had captured data related to butterflies and their habitat. In order to enrich the Wikipedia articles in the native languages (Kannada & Tulu) with data and details provided by the expert. CIS-A2K facilitated this process of curating the data such as images, life cycles of butterflies etc. in association with Sammilan Shetty and his team. During this process, a series of training sessions were conducted to his team to introduce them to Wikimedia projects and started the process by uploading some of the images to Wikimedia commons.


  • The professional photographers and information experts were introduced to Wikimedia projects and images related to butterflies were uploaded.


  • Working with thematic people will help to increase the quality of the Wikipedia articles.


  • The process of documenting the entire park is going on and will be finished in the upcoming months.

Tamil Internship Programme[edit]

This programme aims to conduct 30 days Internship programme for College Students in Tamilnadu on Wikimedia projects. As per the discussion and involvement of the community members conducting continuous online training and Targeted activities for students will help them to understand the Wikimedia projects and work on them. keeping this in mind the plan and schedule were prepared and allowed the students to registered. We conducted this Internship program in two-phase, one in November 2020 and the other in June 2021. Where a total of 111 students took part.


  • 5,200 articles were developed during this program and 303 files were uploaded to Wikimedia commons.


  • Conducting online sessions for students was a difficult task and also keeping hold of the interset level was a challenge.

Research work[edit]

The report of Wikipedia in the Classroom: A Study of the Wikimedia in Education Program at CHRIST (Deemed to be University) was published on Meta Research on 21 April 2021. The blog on the CIS website was also published.

In this study, we understood the variety of challenges and benefits from students perspectives with both the opportunity and access to Wikipedia platforms to communicate on advanced topics in science/higher education to the general public. In this study, we observed that students who took part in the program had improved their capacity to create/assess the quality of the material they used.