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The CIS-A2K team is working with the language department of Christ University and other institutions to enrich the content of Indic Wikimedia projects with the help of students. Globally many students and educators are involved in the Wikimedia and Education movement. We believe that the students should not only consume the knowledge available on the Internet but also be a part of the larger Open Internet movement, and help in creating open knowledge resources. Wikimedia Education SAARC conference will be the first of its kind conference in SAARC countries which will engage students, education program leaders, educators and researchers engaged with Open Education and free knowledge movement.

This conference will allow us to understand different efforts made by the communities involved in the Wikimedia Education movement. This will help us to create models, templates and documents that can be replicated in by other institutions or programs. Our education program at Christ University has inspired us to plan this event, this will be a platform to spread awareness about the activities happening at Christ University in the global Wikimedia movement.

Conference goals[edit]

  • To know the Wikipedian Education programs and the activities happening in Asia by different community members/Languages.
  • Sharing the knowledge and best practices of how to build "trust relationship" with new partners/teachers and how to improve trust in Wikipedia.
  • Challenges on student retention and how to engage them in the broader Wikimedia movement.
  • The best method to evaluate and measure the quality of the work done by the students.
  • To introduce tools like the dashboard, not in your language, and other tools which will be useful for the tracking, assessment, allocation of the topics and others.