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I am an active consumer and close-to-most passive producer in the Wikimediaverse.


1. I have instigated and curated an article of a concept I was a core contributor to develop for the commons - 'sustainopreneurship' (on en.wikipedia) - with a project lagging to start another crucial article in the same place


2. I have registered myself on Wikiversity to instigate an exploratory process in the collaborative process to research another concept - 'flow society'


3. I have a long time envisioned Wikibooks as a hive of collaborative material for those who want to empower others in the fields of some core topics: 'creativity', 'innovation', 'entrepreneurship', 'sustainability' and 'the social web'

That would be all, for now, summarizing:

  • Number one is history.
  • Number two is close to now, in emergence.
  • Number three is an envisioned part of a potential future.

Peace, Anders

-- Anders Abrahamsson | RE:LOVE THE WORLD | | @sliceonline (aggregator of IDs -