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The goal of this proposal is to allow visitors (and users who want it) to be able to see a validated information (if any available) without disturbing the normal operation of Wikipedia.

Validators have no prerogative on articles' content (but can be editors as others). They only ascertain a given revision of an article doesn't contain any errors and flag it as valid. The fact that an article's revision is marked as validated must not restrain editors to update it.


  • Create a validator user flag. For example, this flag may be given (by the community, the foundation, etc.) to some users selected on regard of some criteria (degree, experience, etc.) to validate articles in some given domains of Wikipedia.
  • Create a validated page flag (can be only true or false). We also need to save the name of the validator.
  • Each validator can validate or un-validate any revisions of an article (current version or old ones). Those actions are reported into a public log.
  • The history of each article highlights (via a specific style) the validated revisions (if any).

Example... where V stands for validated.

  • For anonymous users:
    • If there is any validated revision in article history, this revision is shown as default article.
    • Otherwise, the last revision is shown (but must be easily identifiable as "un-validated").
  • Logged users can choose (via personal "preferences") what they want to see by default:
    • last development version (validated or not),
    • last validated version if any (like anonymous users).
  • In all case, validated/un-validated revisions are clearly visually differentiated (using specific style like background color or so).
  • When viewing the last validated article and a newer (un-validated) revision exist, a link appears in the navigation box to see the "last development revision".
  • When viewing an un-validated article and a validated revision exist in history, a link appears in the navigation box to see the "last validated revision".

Aoineko 05:56, 20 December 2005 (UTC)